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  • felt

    got tired of the fore and aft movement on the leadscrew of my 9 inch south bend and tore off the gear box apron and lead screw.

    the leadscrew at the gearbox end is not getting enough oil as the felt is about a million years old and hard and black as some of that left over christmas puddingin the fridge ,looks like its been lubricated with rum, guinness ,stuff from the bottom of a pond ect but no oil

    now what on earth to do? an exploratory pick in the oil hole bought out lots of gunge ,i take it that it is symtomatic of everything else , any one had any experiance with such .

    where can i get new felts?
    is it worth going to south bend or am i better buying felt and cutting it to fit.

    im going to soak the old ones in laquer thinner and put them back in for now.
    but i really need to give the whole lot a going over and fix it properly.

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    Felt cloth is available at Wal-Mart and Target, etc. Do you have an old Felt hat stashed in a closet you could cut up and use?


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      Another source of felt of various thickness is from a piano. You can either tear apart that 1 ton upright that nobody in the neighborhood wants (check the news papers)or check with the local piano tuner or music store to see if they have any they are willing to part with.


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        Let me know how much you need. I have some extra if the 1/8" gray felt that I will mail to you no charge. I bought a 50' roll a few years back to reline 3 tool boxes, found out it doesn't take that much.


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          Old blackboard erasers work fine!


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            1/4 " felt is usually the wiper standard, as noted by my Emco v-13 lathes, my bridgeport, and a couple of other machines.

            You can get felt at a crafts store - various thicknesses (heck, and even colors)

            Just for the heck of it, soak your current felt wipers in fuel oil (kerosene) overnight. I clean mine on a yearly basis or better by soaking twice (cleaning, tghen rinse in cleaner fuel oil), and blowing out with an air hose, or a squeeze out in a rag. Then as a good finish measure, after cleaned out, I put some way oil back on the "way edge" and let it soak in a bit, then put back on the machine. Takes about one total day to do, less if you keep a schedule.

            The Kerosene is better than laquer thinner because of he potential reactivity of laquer thinner with the oils and fibers. hard to explain, but this will cause brittleness and such in older wipers. Kerosene also leaves a bit of "oil film" in the wipers.

            The hard stuff in the wipers is probably not the felt, but the cruds.

            Are you sure you do not have plastic / black rubber wipers? My Clausing has those, and the appropriate rubber / neoprene is available through Graingers or Mac Masters by the foor by foot sheet.

            Yes, I have re-made wipers, and have re-conditioned abused wipers.
            CCBW, MAH


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              Boot liners my trout!
              Navy blue boot liner 1/2" thick or insoles for that matter!

              Good God man, what kind of newfie are ye if ye don't know about felt liners fer ye boots man!


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                Boot liners in BERMUDA?????

                I think you should send him one.

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                  Brownells sells felt buffing wheels that could be cut up.

                  I think McMaster-Carr sells felt.

                  Also Small Parts might be a source.

                  I expect you want something more solid than "fabric" felt from a fabric store.
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                    I'm surprised no one suggested that fore and aft lead screw movement would not be fixed with felt. Am I missing something?



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                      if you sent boot liners they would be conviscated immediatly and i would be thrown in jail forever on suspicion of being in posession of real winter footwear

                      the problem was that oil must not have been getting to the lead screw for a while as the wicks were full of crud and the oil hole were blocked - and so there was wear between the housing and screw-steel on iron -and no oil
                      there is a nut to take up the play on the end of the screw -but it was tight-no more to adjust i made 2 bronze washers to take out the playand for the shaft to rotate on

                      what wicks i could get at got a good soak-lots of crud came out and then blew air through them.
                      - looks like they have been in there for the life of the machine,
                      took appart the gear box and blew out the oil holes .

                      i hope oil will get were it is needed -but will tear the machine apart eventuly and put in new felt oil wicks everywhere

                      the wipers on the carriage were felt and had a lot of junk in them , i guess rubber would be a better choice there as it should push stuff away as opposed to picking it up and grinding down the ways.

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