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Bridgeport ram problem

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  • Bridgeport ram problem

    I have a 1969 series 1 J head bridgeport that I am refurbishing and have run into a problem.

    The head had a #3 right angle attachment on it when I got it, i don't know how long it was on there for. I have removed the attachment and have begun the teardown/checking/cleaning process.

    But when I try to move the ram back it does not go back fully, only moves about 2/3 of the travel and then sticks. For the other 2/3 of the travel it moves very smoothly and easily by using the gear

    Has anyone seen an issue such as this or have any good ideas to resolve the sticking issue?

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    Originally posted by bstach
    Has anyone seen an issue such as this or have any good ideas to resolve the sticking issue?
    Yep, obviously something is binding. How far have you torn down the mill? Is the head still on the ram? If it is, remove the head so you do not have as much weight to deal with. Then start looking for the interference. I'd pay close attention to the gear rack and to the dovetails.

    If you do not have the manual go here and you can download it for free:

    BTW, take pics so that

    1) you know where all the pieces came from


    2) You can show us how good a job you did on the rebuild.


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      you will have to do some scotch-briting of the ways ..

      move it back and forth ..whilst doing this ..wipe it clean then oil with way oil.

      it may take you over an hour to get it going bakwards and forwards all the way need to do both upper and lower ways .

      you might even have to use more aggressive cleaning methods if its got a lot of rust on it ..i suggest lightly scrape with a Stanley knife blade..

      all this comes from... it never being oiled or moved, the full extent of its travel for years's nothing to worry about really'll get it moving .

      BTW ..i hope youre talking about the ram ..and not the quill ...quill is another matter .confused because you were talking first about removing the right angle attachment, like that was something to do with it .

      ps there are bolts that run horizontally that tighten on the ram ..these have to be loosend right off before you move the ram

      all the best.markj
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        The ram uses cast in rack teeth. Check those out. Could be a bad spot or packed with crud.



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          It's probably packed full of crap - swarf, oil, rust and general filth...

          I've had some that were a figgg'in nightmare to get apart or moved fully back.

          Which reminds me... I never have moved the current ram


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            Check for whatever method is used to tighten it up due to wear (ie gibs, split castings with clamp bolts) and make sure those are loosened. It might just be its well worn in the area it moves freely, but unworn where it binds.
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              Thank you for the quick responses,

              I have completely disassembled the head and ram of the mill.

              Took the head off and have the ram and turret off and on the ground.

              I separated the ram and turret and given them a thorough cleaning and put them back together.

              Still get the jamming problem moving the ram with the ram pinion or taking the pinion out and just pushing the ram back. The locking blocks have been removed so that the only things together are the ram and the turret.


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                I will also take some pictures as soon as i can.