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Digital Caliper Repair

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  • Digital Caliper Repair

    I had two 6" Mitutoyo Digimatic calipers die on me. The first one died
    5 or 6 years ago but I kept it in my toolbox. I found a used replacement on Ebay at a fair price and last week it died.

    I heard of a place near Rockford Illinois that could repair these calipers by replacing the digital module so I took both calipers to have them repaired. These guys replaced the modules while I watched and we visited at the same time. Repair cost was half the price of a new set.

    This place claims they can repair any tool that takes measurements. Indicators, calipers, micrometers, anything. Thought I would pass along the contact information.

    Gordy @
    Instant Gage Repair Co
    9863 N Alpine Rd
    Macheney Park IL 61115
    815 877-2555

    A year ago I bought the purple colored calipers as a backup set. Made by Mitutoyo but made in China. These read to 3 decimal places. They do not feel like the Digimatics.

    Hope this was of interest

    So much to learn, so little time

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    Thanks for the info!