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Single board computer arrived

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  • Single board computer arrived

    Advantech board.
    Runs on 5vdc unless you need a external ide hard drive or floppy. has onboard vga, lcd driver, rs232, 422, ethernet, keyboard input, solid state harddrive, real time clock, parallel port (for rutex pulse) Only 486 cpu, but.. since I used to use XT's for my steppers I am sure this will suffice. Will run in Dos or small version of linux, all ports are in proper memory segment address.

    I have no connection with the guy selling them on ebay, just a "happy purchase" I wanted to share. They are ending on ebay between $50 and $70. My first plans are a homebrewed DRO for my lathe.

    I plan on using a black and white 35mm film, exposing it to a fixed pattern, stretching it inside a box tube between two holders, sandwiching it with glass, building a uhmw slider that will just fit inside the tube, slotting it for the film-encoder drilling it for the emitter detector pair and.. installing a aperture plate the size of the pulse lines. Sliding the uhmw slide up the film should produce pulses 90 degrees out of sequence.

    ANY suggestions or help will gladly be appreciated.


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    Seems to me ordinary film will change dimension appreciably with changes in humidity and temperature. You need to use something designed for good dimensional stability in different environments such as KODAK ACCUMAX Photoplotter Film ABX7. It changes by only .001% per one percent change in humidity.
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      I saw your lips moving but didn't understand a word you said.

      Cool little board though.


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        How about a Digital readout less then a hundred bucks?

        Add a few drives, motors, a transformer and sure enough you got a whole cnc on top of it.

        I been shopping for LCD's instead of the cheap vga monitor, them things are expensive on ebay. NO way..

        Next ideal, a 6-8" cdrom with holes drilled via my cnc. Driven with a 14 tooth .75" xl sprocket. I think.. I can get 2500+ holes on the rim. Cdrom is all them stinking AOL cd's they keep sending. Wrap a cut in two xl belt around it, spring load one end, cable pull on the other to the lathe slide. Less items to fabricate. Ha... Also easily reproduced.

        I got a hundred IR emitter-detector pairs. Absolutley NO information on them thou. smoke one curle two.. ha..



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          Does that board use a standard power supply connection. If so, I've got a few (Like six) power supplies--200 & 250 watt. Holler if ya need one! ...Free!

          I'll throw in a couple of AOL CD's too.

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            Awsome, that board would be perfect for hacking around, like a GPS guided autopilot for a boat, or heck, a lot of things.


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              them old xt supplies are hard to come by.

              It only uses the 5vdc and the 12vdc.. Not the -12.. If memory serves me right, red is 5, black the common, yellow and blue is 12 volts.

              I usually put them 5 volt toys right in the case with the CPU and use the pc supply.

              My first stepper was a opto-22 rack and the 12 volt from inside the pc running the rack. I was so proud when it rolled around and around.. My next was a large variac powered unit with resistors inline and a opto-22 rack.

              Most the other boards on ebay, this week, well they all have cables with them.. shucks and darn..



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                We discussed that at work. Easiest way was take the gps and pick points every few seconds. Drive manually the first time to your fishing spot. Open the throttle the next time when on program.

                Gives you a point to point file to follow the next time. I think turbocnc would work.. HA..
                Gcode going up the river..


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                  The supplies are out of PIII machines, not XT's.

                  I did have a 100w but I took it apart to "salvage" the fan, can and some heatsinks. Couple of nice caps in there too... power switch; Heck there's some good stuff in them old heaters.


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                    David plans to use a strip of developed film with a fine line pattern as an encoder for the DRO. It would work best if the dimensions of the film don't change with climate, better repeatability. Some films can change up to .1% per percent of humidity change. Meaning, on a dry day .001 might be .0011 on a humid day, give or take.
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                      Evan, the cdrom ideal sounds easier.

                      I like easier. No developing or asking the photo shop to not chop the negatives.

                      We'll see. If the cdrom don't work I will go back to the film ideal.