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new lathe to show the boys

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  • new lathe to show the boys

    lathe no. 7. I have seriously upped the anti in the caveman sweepstakes.....lathe came home and went into the living room . beat that! ok, I'm not that good, it is in the living room....but said living is under renovation so its a temporary thing

    any Stark owners out there?

    this one is fairly complete. All the parts for the slides are there, three tailstocks and a pile of collets. There are some issues with a few parts on the compount I'll have to fix. Seems like a very nice little lathe, bit of history, kind of like sculpture to an old iron fan like meself


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      I don't normally like old stuff but that is beautiful!
      What does your wife think about this?

      My Dad always said, "If you want people to do things for you on the farm, you have to buy a machine they can sit on that does most of the work."


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        thanks, it is a looker isn't it

        Originally posted by MotorradMike
        What does your wife think about this?
        the trick I've found is to be offside on so many things so often that none of them really phase her.....she has only a few moments of energy for any particular one

        j/j, she's great, niether of us want a lathe in the living room, but its a bit of a construction zone right now so i got away with it


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          Beautiful machine, I love it! You're lucky to have the multiple tailstocks, countershaft, and collets for it. I have a Stark clone that came with a Skinner 3 jaw and a nice Stark cross slide... but it's up to me to come up with something for countershaft and collets.

          I love these old open headstock, belt drive iron machines.


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            Stark lathe

            You lucky dog!Try the lathes uk website for more info.


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              Nice lathe...but

              I think I can beat you on the livingroom adornment.....351 Cleveland engine block.
              Allans Rule: Anything worth doing is going to be a pain in the butt.


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                Very nice little lathe!! impressive find!!


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                  Nice, cant wait to see it painted and shined up and looking even better .

                  all the best.markj


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                    Nice looks very similar to my Sloan and chace
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                    "Good judgment comes from experience, and often experience comes from bad judgment" R.M.Brown

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                      Work of art!

                      All young people see is an old junker they fail to see the refinement and skill... I love it!


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                        Damned handsome lil' cuss, innit? Looks like it would make a good pen lathe using wood and plastic should you choose to take it down from the fireplace mantel


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                          VERY NICE! How about "filling" us in on the details of how you obtained this great little lathe?


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                            Looking forward to see a detailed post about fixing that baby Sure looks great bench top machine.

                            FYI, I beat you: My first lathe was situated in our bedroom, 0.5 meters from our bed And no issues with my fiance, apart from a couple of swarfs that somehow got in to the bed unnoticed...
                            Amount of experience is in direct proportion to the value of broken equipment.


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                              thanks guys.

                              Is there any reason not to redo the paint? Would that be a faux pas among old machine tool aficionados?

                              Originally posted by dp
                              Damned handsome lil' cuss, innit? Looks like it would make a good pen lathe using wood and plastic should you choose to take it down from the fireplace mantel
                              The case is an GE TV cabinet the Lathe came on.

                              The story of its acquisition is a good one. Got it and a very nice BCA mill, bought from a business for a very low price. No pic in the ad, didn't even mention the make and listed in the "hobby" section instead of tools. Even still it was a race to get there with the competition lapping at my heels. Didn't dare dicker on price, slapped down my money and bought 'em.

                              Then the fun started...he had a big table stuff...."what are doing with those" .....scrap guys coming..."If I give you a few bucks for the weight can I take it? "sure". Got a ton of stuff, some perfect, some with minor Meca (spain) dividing head and tailstock where the spacer ring (who uses that anyway?) had a crack. Other stuff like a compound sine table seems new. Anyway it was a fun day