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Anti-freeze for coolant?

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  • Anti-freeze for coolant?

    I think using anti-freeze has been discussed (and probably cussed!) but I could not find any discussion on using the non-toxic variety, for the record I am not intending to do this BUT I was in a small automotive machine shop today and the guy uses "environmentally friendly" and supposedly non-toxic automotive anti-freeze in all his machines. He insists it works great, is cheap, safe and available almost anywhere. I asked about coolants here a couple of years ago and based on advice I was given bought "Rust-Lick" brand from Enco, I went in with a buddy of mine and we bought a lot of the stuff so I have several gallons on hand and I don't need to use anti-freeze I just was curious about the wisdom (or lack of) in doing so? Thoughts?

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    Why would you want to use it when there are many proper alternatives. What are the fumes going to do to you and your equipment?
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      The normal white oil milky stuff I use is fine ,and not expensive ,so why experiment when the real thing is easy and cheap to come by I really don't understand this proposal.I would leave it well alone. My 1 cent. Alistair
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