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  • Miniature pipe fittings

    Does anybody out there have a diagram for making a threaded, take-apart, union for a 1/8"OD pipeline. Goes on a steam line from the boiler to the cylinder/valve assembly. I have made some in the past, but misplaced them, and my buddy who taught me how to make them has passed on. BEN

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    PM research sell them ready made and they have casting tree's of rough fittings. I think there was an article in the live steam magazine a couple years ago.
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      Something like that I'd just buy. I do make the other fittings that are more common - elbows, etc. but a union has 4 parts most all needing jigs.

      American Model Engineering has them. I don't have a connection to AME except as a satisfied customer (if you call say "hi" to Barbara).


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        I have made a couple by modifying compression or flared tubing fittings. You can trim them down a bit to keep them fom looking too clunky, or use them as a guide to making a union.

        I suspect any of the Kozo Hirakoa books would have details for fitting fabrication as well.
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          Thanks for your suggestion about the use of regular tubing fittings as a guide to fabricating one. I sorta did that and think I got a good enough one to go further with the whole steam engine. Incidentally, JCHannum, I notice you are from Toledo. Used to live there for a couple of years - in the corner of Seaman and Wheeling (north of Starr Ave) close to the Lutheran Orphanage. You didn't happen to go to Waite High School with Klinger?


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            They are so simple to make you hardly need a drawing for 'em, however I will have a look and see if I have one.

            In essence you need a 1/4" threaded fitting, drilled through 1/8" and with a centre drill run in to cone the end. Then a nut to match - make it from 5/16" hex, 5/16" long, with the 1/4" thread going 1/4" deep and drilled through 1/18", now all you need is a little olive for the pipe - taper one end to match the angle of the centre drill - and sweat it on with either soft or silver solder. The olive will need to be a free fit in the threaded portion of the nut. Done!

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              I'm an Ohio transplant from South Jersey 30 years ago. Perrysburg address, but live closer to Waterville.
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                make em they are not hard

                I make them down to 1/16 OD pipe 5BA tread for the nut