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OT-goodbye truck - ripped apart video

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  • OT-goodbye truck - ripped apart video

    Took my old plow truck for its last ride friday. I saved the motor and tires for another project, but this one was well rotted out from having a salter/sander on it.

    My buddy that towed it there with me for scrap was friends with the owner, so not only did they let me out to film the unload and put on a show for my 8 yo son, they let him in the excavator in the second film and for some sections he was the only one with \his hands on the controls. I'm pretty sure he will remember this one for the rest of his life. The power was awesome.

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    Congradulations on exposing your son to something like that. Some of my earliest memorys are running a wheel loader around his age. I'm quite sure he will always remember that day. Just maybe you need to go to the nearest Hitachi dealer and buy him one of their scale models of that 350 hoe and put it in a glass case to hang on his bedroom wall along with a framed picture with him on the controls of the full size one?



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      That's one very weak truck ..i think my car would offer more resistance than that.

      all the best.markj


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        Man... That makes me jealous of your son!

        They really need to have heavy machinery petting zoos....
        "Look mah, A cat! Can I pet it? Can I yank its joysticks? Can I take it home? Please? I'll feed it plenty of diesel!"
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