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ShopTask 1720XM ???

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  • ShopTask 1720XM ???

    Found a like new 3in1 Machine called a ShopTask 1720 built in 1991. Dual 3/4HP motors 5" 3 jaw, 8" 4 jaw, rotary table,etc. The company is now called Shopmasterusa & makes only CNC machines. I can buy the complete kit to convert this to CNC for $1500 from the company. I've never liked 3in1 machines but I've never used one either & this one seems heavier duty than I've seen. I was thinking of this as a future machine if I have to downsize. Has anyone used or owned one of these? The invoice shows over $2200 with the accessories in 1991. It was used very little or maybe not at all. His son said he was "an armchair machinist". I can get it for $750 with everything. Please let me know what you think. the site is & it's the white machine. Thanks! Eric

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    Flylo i know nothing about these machines, but did read the History/specs and found the articles very interesting.

    Had no idea who invented this style of machine, interesting it was this John Taylor guy.


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      I set up a CNC lab with this model several years ago. They were OK machines, but the CNC software was on the limited side. Hopefully the current version is much better.

      Keep in mind these are 3-in-1's so they have their limitations.


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        I wouldn't normally consider it but it's really "as new" & there's a really great 8" grinder that comes with it that has attachments to grind & sharpen everything. I think that's worth $150, then the rotary table is still in the grease as is the 4 jaw. I bought the coolest looking Craftman drill press from him for $50. It's syled like an American Pacesetter Lathe with engine turned trim around the streamlined head & not a mark on it. Also a USA made 6" Craftman vise never used for $50. I don't think any of this was used. I'll get a picture of the drill press. It has a 6" stroke & probable a 2.5" quill. If I don't like the 3in1 I'm sure I can get my money back & keep the grinder. Thanks guys for the input!


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          oh for pete's sake!! YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Flylo, you ARE going to fill that BIG shop aren't you??

          Ok, yes we need pics please.


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            Be aware that the lathe is not set up for threading (no half nut to start with)
            and lowest speed ~150 makes threading dicey. In that time frame Shoptask
            typically included the 4J chuck and face plate with the machine. Later models
            did not. This is a very early machine, it has been extensively modified or
            evolved in the '91 to ~'02 or so time frame by Shoptask to address deficiencies. The mill is fixed height, hence the addition of the quadlift variants to stiffen up
            the mill head and allow easy change of the spindle to table distance from
            as little as 5-6" to 16-18" depending on variant. The motors are described
            by Shoptask, as 'limited duty' and were not designed originally for 'stop start'
            operation, which makes little sense. They were prone to bad caps and internal
            starter switch problems. The Yahoo 3n1 mill drill group has an extensive
            bibliography and referral sites for users of similar and later machines.
            There was a gunsmith site on Geocities with hundreds of pages of mods
            and methods using this machine, but it disappeared when Geocities went
            down. He did amazing things with this machine. Spindle bearings are
            standard automotive wheel bearings and easy to change. Bearing grease
            likely to be wax by now so plan a take down/reassembly for lube and
            clean out. The motor sheaves are friction fit, no set screws. Shoptask
            had a raft of mods over the years but none are available now, except the CNC. Of course,
            CNC mod solves many lathe and mill problems. That age machine was not
            drilled for CNC mounts as later era machines were. At one time an R8 spindle
            replacement was available, but the MT3 spindle is ok.
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              Thanks Steve! I did join the yahoo group but am still waiting to be accepted. I may decide to pass. We'll see. Maybe more trouble than it's worth. I liked the swing but not the length. Just going to have to move into a bigger oldfolks home I guess. I wanted to bring the new/old ironworker anyway. Screw the pool, where's the machine shop?

              Sasquatch it is full. Come on over anytime, your always welcome.


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                That model was my first lathe.
                I believe I purchased one of the first that Shop Task sold.
                It came with mounted step motors and a crude controller.
                I paid less than $500 new loaded with tooling.
                I is a great starter machine and a real workhorse.
                I sold it for more than I paid for it, around $800 about 6-7 years ago.
                The problem with that White paint, it looked nasty dirty all the time.
                Tom M.