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Blackhawk Porta- Power Pull Ram Question

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  • Blackhawk Porta- Power Pull Ram Question

    I have an older original Blackhawk 2 ton pull ram. I'm trying to find out what size chain was originally supplied with this pull ram back in the day, late 70's early 80's when Blackhawk was made by Applied Power, not the off shore copy cat crap that came after. If you look at the hook ends you can see where the chain is supposed to slip through the hole and a link will catch in the slot. I believe it should be 5/16" chain. Reason being is that there isn't any 1/4" chain that is rated at 2 tons. The problem with the 5/16" chain is the links aren't long enough to make it over the slot and the chain will pull off center of the ram.....not good. I have tried several different sizes at the local hardware stores, most of it is chinese chain and the links are not well formed or consistant in size and the weld seams are too large and the link gets stuck slipping through the hole or won't lay in the slot.
    From what my research has told me is that Campbell was the original supplier of chain for these pull ram sets but no one at Campbell has been with the company long enough to remember that far back if there was a special size chain made for just for Blackhawk.
    So.............. what I'm trying to find out is if there are any seasoned body and fender guys out there that know what I'm talking about or have one of the original sets with the chain that could tell me what the dimensions of the links are.

    Note: the original chain was the yellow chromate plated stuff that seems to be consistant with what is rated and classified as transport grade chain.



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    Grind it to fit or cut it with a ball nose end mill.
    Make it fit standard chain.


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      Any help?


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        Originally posted by oldtiffie
        I think I ran out of search options, I'll check it out anyway.



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          My guess is it was made for some special chain that was load rated for lifting, unlike every single piece of chain you can buy at any hardware store. No hardware store chain is rated for lifting. That's why you should never ever ever buy a chain hoist without its lifting chain.



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            American made lift chain:


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              My guess would be grade 80 which in 5/16 has a working load limit of 4500# or maybe even gradr 100. Call Tulsa chain 866.392.2829 •
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