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Rigid honing equipment? Sunnen vs. Superior

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  • Rigid honing equipment? Sunnen vs. Superior

    I am trying to get set up to hone 9, 1" bore IC engine cylinders( Hodgson radial).
    My plan is to bore to .998" and then hone to 1.000 ± .0002" if possible. I see Sunnen has a small P-180 Honeall should work and Superior has an MD-1 driver that should work. There is not much on the Superior site to go on, but the Sunnen site is very well developed(totally confusing).

    Does anyone have an idea what kind of money I am talking about? I thinking I need the driver, mandrel, stones and a truing sleeve.( What are truing sleeves made from?) The market doesn't seem to have much in the rigid hone department that will go down to 1" other than these two suppliers.

    If I have to buy new, I will and then sell it later on eBay as I don't plan to build any more engines after this one. A sane hobbyist would save money by farming out the job to a local machine shop, but I want to learn how to do rigid honing.

    One last question: Does anyone think a small Lisle rigid cylinder hone could be modified to shrink it to 1" from its factory 1.75" desgn minimum? I have never seen one up close, so I might be way off base.


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    Sunnen stuff is hard to beat......

    A possible more inexpensive solution, if you can get close with boring.....
    Opportunity knocks once, temptation leans on the doorbell.....


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      I worked for the BraMar tool division of Superior Hone in Bradenton FL right after I got out of the Navy in 1977. We made the custom tooling for places like Detroit Diesel, etc along with some of the machines, usually the custom orders. A nearby facility made the stones.

      The general consensus was that Superior made better machines, but Sunnen made better off the shelf honing tools. We also made adapters so that customers could use Sunnen tooling on Superior machines.

      Now that has been a while, so I cannot attest for the current quality. It was also when MWA (Midwest Abrasives) owned the company. I do not know if they still own Superior or if it was one of the many companies bought & sold just so some Wall Streeters could make a buck.

      On the truing sleeves, the ones I've used were made from cast iron.

      As for modifying the Lisle, I doubt if you could do so. However, you may be able the steal, oops I mean reverse engineer, the design and shrink it to the size you need.


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        Ammco and probably others have made "small bore" hones that might do the job. You might also look into finishing them with a lap rather than a hone as it would be easier to make. We used to use factory built cast iron adjustable laps to size Harley and Indian engine bearing races and better than 0.0002" accuracy was common.
        Don Young


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          for stones and mandrels try this place I sold a freind a sunnen hone that had both sunnen mandrels and superior mandrels and these guys where a big help. Ken