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Bowling ball material??

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  • Bowling ball material??

    I found this old bowling ball on the side of the road a while back. I don't even want to think about how it got there. Anyway, the outer surface is in pretty bad shape, but I was wondering if I could cut it into slices and blocks for some projects.

    I looked at some websites about bowling balls, but could find nothing about what the core material is. Judging from how easily the finger holes can be drilled and how good the finish is inside the holes, it looks like it would be pretty easy to work with. Does anyone have any idea what the material is?

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    I'm not sure what the material is but this reminds me of the stupid things we used to do as kids. We would get going 40 or 50 miles an hour in one of our old cars and throw a bowling ball out the window. This was up by the high school and late at night when there wasn't any traffic or ,thank God, pedestrians. The ball would go at least 4 blocks if it didn't hit a tree or curb. The kid that owned the ball actually took it to the bowling alley and put it in the ball polisher. The polisher jumped up and down and bounced off the wall and we kinda wandered off acting like we didn't know what was going on. Fortunately the machine survived the abuse and we retrieved the ball and got the hell out of there.


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      Forgot to mention- I use a bowling ball for some of my metalshaping tasks. Tree stumps, shot bags, sand bags and bowling balls all come in handy.

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        Carl, that was insane! Myself, I've always wondered about the results of opening a dumptruck full of bowling balls at the top of a hill in San Francisco.

        Reminds me of a story from my former hometown... Really nice little hamlet situated at the bottom of a cliff. Must be over a hundred and fifty feet high. Couple of clowns managed to carry, of all things, a tractor wheel up there. Roll roll roll kick, whoooooosh bounce bounce... Apparently it went about three hundred yards before crashing through the drugstore.

        PS: I was NOT part of it.


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          A while back, this planter won me a few points.

          The old ball has a 1/2" shell of (sniff sniff) hard rubber.
          The center was cork in a rubber binder like a cork gasket. A real mess to bore out - quick to dull a tool bit.



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