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1st tool gloat!!

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  • 1st tool gloat!!

    i`m always the guys that calls 2nd.... this time 2nd place won!
    unbelievably, the first guy that called never showed up! the seller e-mailed me and i was there!
    it`s a 10" Sheldon Model EL 46-B in surprisingly good condition! no real wear to the ways.
    it came with a Jacobs 59B headstock chuck, Jacobs 14N tailstock chuck, a good 6" 3-jaw chuck, a faceplate, driveplate, 2 live centers, 1 dead center, lantern toolpost and a few holders, Phase II wedge post and 1 holder, and a few other odds and ends.

    this is my first Sheldon and i like it! it`s a wayyy stouter machine than my current SB10K!

    oh yeah... 200 bucks.

  • #2'd better put an extra $100 in the church plate for stealing a machine like that.


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      You suck!!

      My Dad always said, "If you want people to do things for you on the farm, you have to buy a machine they can sit on that does most of the work."


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        wow, well done! a sturdy looking lathe
        in Toronto Ontario - where are you?


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          Originally posted by MotorradMike
          You suck!!

          ahhh, that feels good!


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            Very nice, feels good doen't it.

            Now we want lots of hi-res photos of all the nooks and crannies.



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              You know you have a quality gloat when someone gives you a friendly

              "You Suck!"

              And you, Sir, SUCK!
              James Kilroy


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                That looks a lot like my South Bend 10K. What a steal at $200! That wouldn't be a bad price for the chucks and accessories alone. The tool gods have smiled on you.


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                  Originally posted by 1200rpm
                  ... this is my first Sheldon and i like it! it`s a wayyy stouter machine than my current SB10K!

                  oh yeah... 200 bucks.
                  Shhhh - keep it quite man, we don't want the masses to find out how good they are - prices might go up. And yes, for paying 200 you definitely do suck.

                  Have you heard about the Sheldon Owners group on Yahoo? Run by John Knox who used to work there. The site also has downloadable documentation like the old Army manuals and parts diagrams - very handy.


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                    A great deal makes for a great day! Good job!


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                      Nice pick!

                      I missed out on one yesterday

                      7hp 80ga compressor for sale $100, woman wants it out of her garage

                      it was in a town about 45 mins away but i had the kiddies and could not go yesterday evening. Called today to arrange and of course sold


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                        Just to make it totally official in case it still hasn't really sunk in yet. YOU SUCK COMPLETELY My Gawd, 200 clams for that. An awesome score. Very well done. The first buyer was a fool for not showing up.



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                          Now that is a nice gloat !


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                            someone blew it for sure! the kicker was it was at a business location with a loading dock and fork truck - all i had to do was back up under it, and they lowered it in the bed of my truck.

                            the fellow that listed it was a good guy - i got the impression they were going to scrap it. they just wanted it out of the way and didn`t want to mess with it - he took the initiative to put it on craigslist.

                            here`s what came with -


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                              and here`s the money shot!
                              the cross slide and compound ways are excellent and the bed just shows normal wear.
                              it does have a few minor issues but it`s just little stuff - note the cotter pin in the leadscrew.