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    I use Firefox for most stuff. I need another browser to monitor a second Yahoo email account. I currently use IE, but hate it. Anyone use SeaMonkey? It looks like a Firefox spinoff, but wondering if Yahoo will see it as a separate browser.

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    >>>Anyone use SeaMonkey? It looks like a Firefox spinoff,

    Both are derivatives of Netscape and were spawned more or less at the same time.

    >>>but wondering if Yahoo will see it as a separate browser.

    Each browser will have separate state info (including cookies) - so Yahoo will see them as "separate" browsers.

    Been a Seamonkey/Netscape user for a couple of decades...

    Edit: clarify lineage


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      Originally posted by rws
      I use Firefox for most stuff.
      I use Firefox 3.6.28 on my Mac, but lately I have been getting pop-ups urging me to upgrade. But Firefox 4 is already obsolete, so what version should I upgrade to?
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        Mozilla Thunderbird and Opera browser are free and work well.


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          Ive been using Sea Monkey for quite a few years. Ever since Netscape
          quit being supported. I works fine for everything I've needed but the
          latest "up-date" has messed up a bit. It use to open every new link
          in a new window now some don't and I often click the X to close that
          window and find it killed the browser so have to go back and re acquire.
          I find the Chasky site does that to me all the time. :-(
          I like it because both the browser and the mail program are together
          and don't have to open a second program to switch back and forth.


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            Thanks, I'll try Sea Monkey. I used Opera for a short time, and got a worm in no time, sending out emails....


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              I haven't tried this but it seems to be exactly what you require. It describes a method of running two copies of FireFox independently.

              It can often be useful to have multiple Firefox browsers open at the same time. Particularly for testing web sites or any sort of web development. Or even just so you can be logged into two sites at the same time with different accounts.