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Cutting high speed steel

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  • Cutting high speed steel

    I have a hand full of pipe thread chaser dies. One or two teeth missing but nice shape otherwise. I would like to know if there is a way to cut them into usable pieces. For single point threading. There is no point in spending a lot to do it. If it can be done, not too costly, I would like to hear how. Thanks

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    A cut off blade in a drimmel tool or die grinder will cut them up. How do you propose to hold them for use as a single point threader? The straight die stock cartridges would work easier. I have been looking for that type to use in a swing up tool. I also have been experimenting with using 1/8" and 1/4" cut off blades ground into threading tools. That is working good.
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      Yes the Dremel will work, but it will take some time. I would consider starting with an abrasive blade/disk in a chop saw at least for the first cuts to separate them into sections. Perhaps then you could use the Dremel.

      Are you sure they are HSS and not just a carbon tool steel?
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        The chasers are from a Ridgid "oil-less" threader. So I presume they are HS.
        I have one which I ground all but one point off and used it successfully to cut a nice looking thread. I will rig up a clamp and try a chop-saw. Maybe a little water spray so as not to burn them. They are Tn coated and look so nice I hate to just throw them out.
        Thanks for the ideas.


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          Just my opinon but.....

          Don't be a masochist! You can either buy a single tool already ground or just grind one at home if you are talking about cutting threads on the lathe (or did I miss something in your post?)
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            Use a ZIP wheel on an angle grinder. Cuts like butter.
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              If they are HSS, then abrasive cutoff will not damage the heat treatment,
              HSS will go to low red heat without changing the R rating. If carbon
              steel it will be obvious as they will be worthless after cutting. Since you
              have already ground off teeth from one cutter it ought to be obvious
              which they are. 1/16th cutter thickness in angle grinder will work nicely