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Floor paint which one?

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  • Floor paint which one?

    Getting ready to start moving stuff into my hobby shop at home,last thing to do is paint the floor before moving machines in.

    Floor had vinyl floor covering on it which was ratty and torn in spots so I ripped it all out.Now it's plywood and I want to just paint the floor instead of putting an overlay of something else on it.

    I saw the garage floor kits at HD also saw they have floor and porch paint.Do I need the garage paint,or will a couple heavy coats of the regular floor paint work?No heavy work or machinery is going in this shop,it's strictly going to be for model building and prototype work that sort of thing.
    I just need one more tool,just one!

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    Get either lippy pink or tartan paint. seriously I bought grey floor paint it is thick as molasses and goes down very well no second coat required. Alistair ps over here in the uk you get it in five gallon cans quite reasonably priced on ebay. I just bought a load of masonary and gloss paint it is very expensive to buy in B and Q over here.
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      I think I'd just use a good quality floor paint.

      Does it still have some of the adhesive left from the vinyl? If there are splotches of that still on the plywood, that might problematic. Might be best to go over it with a floor sander if so.
      Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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        Alistair,I was thinking Green as I know it's your favorite,but all the have is Grey so I'm stuck with that

        Lynn,no problem with Glue,the Vinyl was just laid down dry and held in place with Shoe mould.Lucky I figure since I hate peeling that PITA Glue up.

        Okay,Medium Grey floor paint it is.
        I just need one more tool,just one!


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          floor paint

          My shop is a 2 car garage.After trying 4 times in twenty years to get "Floor paints" to stick,I painted the floor on the machine/bench side with oil based enamel.Rust oleum.No chips,or cracks or peels yet..been two years on concrete.Cheers!