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  • Don't assume....

    I found the problem on my Birmingham lathe. The transformer burnt up because I made the assumption that because it had a factory 220v plug it was 220v system.

    Wrong. The motor is wired for 110v per the diagram, and also the connections on the transformer were for 110v not the 220v connections. The transformer is shorted between the 0-110v connections on the primary side. I also plugged in the cord and checked the voltage on the leads that were hooked to the 110v connections and read 220v.

    I found one other wire with some heat damage coming off the bus bar going to the motor. Hopefully I haven't fried it as well.

    Looking for a 110/220v 24v 100va transformer. Any thoughts other than ebay or Grainger. I looked online at radio shack and didn't see anything, I called and they suggested Home Depot or Lowes.

    Hope someone can learn from my mistake.


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    I'd try either the Surplus Center or Allied Electronics.

    Yea, Radio Shack, or Radio Sh_t as more commonly known. 'bout all they can do today is sell you a cell phone or a TV satellite dish.


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      Mcmaster Carr has several to choose from.


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        Transformer Replacement

        This sounds like a control transformer. These are widely used in industrial equipment. If you have an industrial electrical supply company in your area they will have it in stock or can get one quickly.

        These will have a number of taps for use with a variety of inputs/outputs.


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          That should be a pretty standard control transformer on large oil or gas furnaces and air conditioning units. Try the suppliers that those service people go to.
          Duffy, Gatineau, Quebec


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            Motors OK

            thanks guys. I'm just a few miles from Tampa, Fl so I'll check on Monday.

            I wired the motor direct to a 110v outlet after supper and she runs. That's a releif. Never noticed a 4 pole motor before but that's for another post.

            thanks again,