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  • electric motor ID

    Hi all, this one is for the electric motor gurus out there. I could use some assistance in identifying this motor that came on my compressor. Looks like it can be wired for 115 or 230, runs at 1725 but what else do i need to know from the motor plate, thanks.

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    What else do you want to know? Are you trying to replace it? If so, get one with the same specs and that will physically fit the machine. If it runs, hook it up and pump air. Does that "2" in the upper left mean 2 horsepower? That would probably be about right based on the fact that my 5 hp compressor is rated 22 amps at 230 volts and your's shows 12.8.

    Tom - Spotsylvania, VA


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      It's 2hp, and a service factor of 1.15 (good). I don't see a NEMA frame number unless that's what the 213 is.

      But what/why do you need to know? Are you trying to replace it, or wire it, or what?


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        Curious more than any thing else. I have freshened up the pump on the compressor, in the process of painting the tank. Still have to poor a 4'x4'x4" pad to mount it on. The motor runs, do need to know what oil or grease to lube the motor with.


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          Kind of looks like a GE part number.

          Unless there are zerks or oil cups then there is nothing to do. If there are zerks a shot of electric motor grade grease every couple years and if oil then anything non-detergent.