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Auto Body adjustable Sanding Board

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  • Auto Body adjustable Sanding Board

    There used to be a sort of adjustable sanding board / block ..that was something like a foot long ....had a plastic sole that could be adjusted with a turnbuckle so that it would conform to any curve.

    The sheet of sandpaper ...well i don't know how they were held on to it

    it was meant for body filler ..bondo

    i cant find one ...

    when i do, they are $$$$$$$$$$ a lot ..and no picture

    or they are solid rubber things ..that also cost $$$$

    has anyone got one that i could look at pictures and copy it...for my own use.

    i have upvc board that is 1/4 inch thick rubber to back it with

    on this site half way down. ..there may be one that is of interest ..
    Generic 8" flex sander that you can buy anywhere

    oh yeah where ?

    all the best.markj
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    Never mind

    quick and dirty

    but works

    heated up upvc and bent to curvature of my bonnet/ hood

    sprayed with contact adhesive both surface of board and blocks

    sandblocks attatched ..and it probably cost me less than £1

    so happy for now

    all the best.markj


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      I use foam blocks. They are very high density foam but can bend around curves and indentations and don't have hard sharp corners that dig in. I have all sizes from 3" to 20"



      • #4,172_Flex-Sander.html


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          Maybe you were thinking of this ? It's a Sykes Pickavant, so good but pricey. I don't recall seeing any cheap copies of it.




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            Yes second that for the dura block,,,, its the perfect density and you can control the curve your trying to adapt into simply by holding the block in one or more area's whilst sanding.

            I just used mine on that crunch that happened and I can't tell where the fender was damaged -- that's damn good for me...


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              Shipyards that build fiberglass yachts use them so a ship chandler or boat maintenance outfit should have them.
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                ive just posted a long post ...and lost it because of iespell, spell checker, back button error

                anyway thanks guys ..

                all the best.markj


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                  That's what I hate about good tools.....

                  They tend to be expensive
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                    Go to and search for flexible sanders.