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Mr. Wards Cut Knurling Tool

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  • Mr. Wards Cut Knurling Tool

    Where can I buy the knurls that are shown on this project?
    Don Doerner

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    I know the author purchase his knurls from KBC tools, but there are plenty of other suppliers out there. I looked on the Enco site and they did have knurls with the correct OD, but the ID was 7/32”, which would require a modification to the spindle. McMaster-Carr has a good selection of knurls of the correct style and diameters.



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      I bought several sets of knurls from McMaster Carr, since it's fairly close by.

      But, I've also purchased from Wholesale Tool Company and Sharr's.

      One thing I'm learning as I work toward completing my fifth "cut knurler" designed by Michael Ward, is that it's something that can't be thrown together on a weekend or haphazardly built without strict attention to details & tolerances. "That looks about right" won't work....Which is why I'm working on knurler # 5...Each one has been an improvement on the previous one...

      If nothing else. Making the knurler, and making the parts fit together in such a way that they work has been an "eye opener" for me. It has forced me to be more precise in my layout and measurements. Kudos to Mr. Ward.
      No good deed goes unpunished.


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        Thanks Sam, much appreciated! Don any non bevel edge wheel of a satisafactory size and pitch should work, sent you a PM.


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          And in case you have a surface grinder (or ceraic tools for lathe) or access to one, you can buy the bevelled edge types and just grind the faces until the bevel is gone.
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