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  • Shaft Seal Source

    I am building a Heavy Duty input shaft for an injection pump im working on. I am increasing the minor diameter substantially and building the shaft from 8620.

    The issue is I need to find a source for sealing the shaft, and I dont want to have to groove the inside of the pump housing. The housing has a smooth bore, with cup style seals. I am trying to keep the minor diameter as large as possible.

    I was trying to find an online source for the cup seals without too much fussing around. Do any of you guru's have a good sources for such things? If I could get ahold of Viton ones, that would even be that much better.

    Here is some pics:

    Justin Anderson
    Fortynine Industries

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    Diesel Performance Center Inc
    4014 W Van Buren St Ste 1, Phoenix, AZ 85009, (602) 269-5043

    Call, then send email with photos and requirements.

    I've been dealing with this Co for years. One of the largest parts suppliers
    and rebuilders.

    Good to work with and UPS friendly.


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      Thats just it though, I dont think these are going to be an off the shelf type seal from a diesel supplier, I am changing the shaft substantially. I figured my only option was going to be some type of seal house.
      Justin Anderson
      Fortynine Industries


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        Try these guys:

        They have a branch here in Toronto and they seem to have it all.