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  • OT: MS Security Essentials

    Anybody know what is happening with MS Security Essentials antivirus software.

    I've been using it with Windows 7/64 for a year. A "Solve PC issues" message just popped up saying it is turned off and must be turned on manually - with a 'button' saying "Turn on now" that is grayed out and unresponsive. Attempted to run MS Security Essentials program from the 'Start'+'All programs' list gives an "msseces.exe has been changed or moved". A 'Start'+'Search' fails to find the file on the computer.

    The 'Action Center' "Solve PC issues" messages lists the option of "Get a different antivirus program online". Selecting that to re-install it brings up a window listing some thirty antivirus programs, one of which is MS Security Essentials. Selecting MS Security Essentials results in an "I.E. cannot display the webpage" message.

    What gives ??????????

    David Merrill

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    I have it on one of my Win7 64bit machines and have not seen this issue. Mine still shows "Protected" for status.

    Tested the connection by "Open"-ing and running a manual update. The update downloaded and installed the latest with no problem here.

    Will definitely watch for any change. Keep us updated.


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      Could essentials itself be attacked by a virus?

      I have had a couple got past MSE and into my Banking logon pages .
      Bearing in mind the cost of other antivirus products I am sure some very clever people are writing stuff to test MSE


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        I have no problem on a few dozen MS Essentials installations, about 1/2 of which are running 64 bit Win 7.

        The MS webpage works for me.


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          Just a wild guess, but kind of sounds like a virus to me, if it were mine I would boot up in safe mode, and see if it shows up there.


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            Virus indeed !!! Guess what ?? MS Windows Defender (anti-spyware, anti-malware) is apparently not compatible with MS Security Essentials (anti-virus).


            As near as I can remember, I had discovered the former included in Win 7/64 and thought it would be a suitable replacement for for the freeware Ad-Aware and Spybot utilities that I used to use on a previous computer/Windows version. Previous to that I had removed the Dell-bundled commercial anti-virus and downloaded and installed MS Security Essentials in preference to the freeware AVG anti-virus used with the older computer. No warnings of mutual incompatibility that I ever saw during installations.

            Included in the 'Current Issues' message referenced in my original post there was also an update or turn-on button for MS Defender. Selecting this was apparently what deleted MS Security Essentials from my computer - apparently Microsoft's solution for the incompatibility.

            Solution to my problem was to re-download and install MS Security Essentials from scratch (following a different through MS sites than mentioned in the OP, above). Now it is providing anti-virus monitoring of incoming data and MS Defender is turned OFF.

            I'm one of these guys who feels that nobody should have the right to place any kind of uninvited code, data, whatever on my computer. I use a HOSTS file from mvps as part of the ongoing fight to keep the stuff out.


            I hope the European initiatives to enforce stricter Internet privacy prevails.

            David Merrill