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OT Humor: Government Work

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  • OT Humor: Government Work


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    Yep thats about what it is!We had one better though,for many years HWY43 just outside of town showed the effects of being stripped by a drunk operator,no kidding,he was infact drunk,white stripes on grass the works
    I just need one more tool,just one!


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      Probably was a private contractor.


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        Notice how the possum tail forced the driver off to one side - you guys got tough rodents!


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          Oh my GOD! What are the odds that a ultra-rare double yellow striped possum would choose to lay exactly on the paint lines in the middle of the road?



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            I don't understand, where is the armadillo's shell? (ever hit a armadillo at 50mph on a harley?)

            Ok, armadillos are possum on the half shell?

            Are they related? do poor people eat them? I knowed a cajun lady that made clasp purses outa armadillo shells. The tail was the handle.

            ASPCA is not amused. The line painter should have stopped his rig, stopped all traffic and buried the "poor creature" on the spot.

            A few more cars and trucks pass over this creature and it will take a pizza spatula to pry his carcass up off the sizzling pavement. Or is that just road-pizza? yummy. See the RoadKill cafe in Sturgis Sd...


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              That painted opossum would be estimated to be worth $2500 on the Antiques Road Show.


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                did you know that armadillos harbor the bacteria that causes lepperacy, order " well done" when you eat some after a long day in front of the lathe.


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                  Dave: you ask :"Are they related? do poor people eat them? ". Pore folks don't gotta eat 'Possum. Rich folks buy them. Pore folks catch them, pen them, feed them corn meal a week or more (ten days are very acceptable).
                  Nice fat possum,cooked with sweet potatoes, served with corn bread (or hot cat head biscuits) and greens is fine meal. Course maybe its the cook that does the job.

                  Armadillo, cleaned, wrapped in clay and baked with seasoning is also good.

                  HAd both several times, possum just last year.

                  And yes the armadillo carries the leper virus- the well documented humans who have been infected are few or none last time i heard.


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                    I thought I was the only one (and my daughter) that made Cat head biscuits.

                    OUR local "Doc" tells a Rindercella tale that busts our buttons laughing. (aka Archie from Hee Haw). He asked for a beer Sunday, after we had allowed him to drink about 5 he told us about a tale of him losing his license for DUI... He then left going home.. Never will learn. He is a industrial insulator and a real character.

                    I have hit dead armadillos at 65mph on a harley and thought I was going to die.