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OT- after market cruise control

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  • OT- after market cruise control

    This is a bit OT but I know that there is a vast amount of knowledge in residance here...
    Is there an after market cruise control available for one of these new-fangled computer controlled cars? I receintly bought a 2008 Chevy Uplander that did not have CC, I'm not one for fancy accessories but I do miss the cruise control. Back in the day, I added a Sears cruise control to a 1969 Chevy PU, a neat setup, speed pick up was from a couple of magnets stuck on the drive shaft with a hall effect sensor fastened to the floor pan above.
    Joe B

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    Have you tried the Chevrolet dealer to see if a retro fit is available?

    Out of curiosity I did a google search and came up with this...

    I don't know if it will work but....

    If you go to the "HOME" link in the above reference you can find the installation instructions for the 2008 Uplander...

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      The aftermarket cruise controls like the one you added to your '69 pickup are all but obsolete these days. Most vehicles are now "fly by wire" and have no actual connection by cable from the accelerator pedal to the throttle body, therefore no way to hook up a vacuum operated servo.

      This doesn't necessarily negate the possibility of adding cruise control to you vehicle though. A friend with a base model '07 Chevy pickup was able to add the factory cruise control by obtaining the actual control parts from the dealer and GM suppliers. The computer in his vehicle was already programed to accept the stuff and the wires were already in the harness so it was plug 'n play.

      I was able to do the same in my '09 Silverado to add the buttons for the readout on the odometer for tire pressure and programming several other functions; again it was plug 'n play.

      To find out if this will work for you get a list of the RPO codes from your glove box door and check out some online Chevy/GM forums. They are very helpful in determining what you need to do the job.


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        I once did a quick'n'dirty cruise control on a 59 Ford Custom 300. I put a spring loaded clamp on the throttle line, with a release lever attached to the brake pedal. I could set and release the clamp from the dash and the brake pedal would also release it.



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          Mike, thanks... looks like just what I need. I'm ordering one!
          I guess that I'm just a slow learner... I should have done the "Google" thing first... I'm still in the "yellow pages" mode.

          Joe B