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    Here is a note describing a 240 kw motor for use in cars. Wondering if this is DC or AC. Around 200 hp, compact and lightweight. Hook that to your machine and spin it.
    These small-sized, lightweight induction motors of max 240 kW, 120 kW,
    90 kW, 65 kW, and 60 kW for electric vehicle applications have high-
    torque, high-efficiency, high-speed operation, and robust controllability.

    The technology adopted in this development includes the following elements:

    - Optimal design & parameter calculation
    - Electromagnetic field analysis
    - Design of cooling system & structure
    - Shaft design & bearing identification
    - Noise & vibration analysis
    - Stress analysis of frame structure
    - Analysis of temperature rise

    Get the complete report at:

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    Since it says induction I would think they would be AC. I could be wrong.


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      Could be what is being fitted to some fork trucks here.
      Instead of the very expensive DC traction motors they are installing normal 440 volt three phase motors inside a water cooled case.
      The power for these is derived from the normal 48 volt traction batteries which is then inverted up to 440 v 3 pahse.
      It was explained to me that they saved money on the expensive traction motors. Some of these can cost around 3K each.
      No idea how much the VFD or whatever costs but I bet it's not cheap.
      I had one of these in the workshop where the O ring seal groove had fretted and it was leaking water, just a normal stator and rotor inside.

      John S.

      Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.