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How do I make crush/sealing washers...

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  • How do I make crush/sealing washers...


    Any tricks to machining and parting off crush washers or sealing type washers...I'm talking about the copper colored type used on automotive fuel filters, etc. Would like to make my own...what would be the optimum material for this? Any advice appreciated...
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    I assume you mean the solid ones, not the folded metal jobs like the ones used on spark plugs.

    In that case...I'd guess they are most likely pure copper, annealed. To anneal, after you make them, heat 'em up to dull red and let cool. (Or quench, if you're impatient -- it doesn't make any difference with copper.)

    For cutting lube, the traditional cutting fluid for copper is...milk. Never tried it, myself.
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      Yes on the pure copper,but punch them out of a sheet,much easier.
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