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  • What are these tools

    I hope I did this correctly. I have some idea what they do, but no use for them with my equipment. Both are complete and in good shape. Any interest? please PM
    Thanks Tom Meyer

    Additional info based on Messages:They both have one inch shafts, The Landis tool 16 pitch cutters, shaft shows some dings. The B&S hollow mill is set up as a finisher.
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    Those are die heads, for use on turret lathes and similar production equipment.


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      The first is, as mentioned, for cutting threads from a tailstock turret. The four dies close to the thread spec' and the workpiece is fed through them and into the hollow shank (for longer pieces). There will be some sort of stop that trips the dies open when you reach a certain depth. This is actuated differently on different brands (and lathes), but the result is the same. The die opens, and you are free to withdraw the tool without stopping the spindle. The handle is to reengage the dies closed for the next part.

      Second tool is called a 'hollow mill'. It is also used on a tailstock turret and is for removing a majority of stock from the OD of the workpiece. It is fed onto the work in the same orientation as the first tool. Think of it as four, single-point cutting tools. You can adjust each to cut to the desired diameter. Good for roughing, but I believe you may be able to grind the tools to have two take a large DOC and two ground back to make a finishing, lighter cut on the work. Not sure. I've used turret tools, but never a true hollow mill. If it has a 3/4" shank, I may be able to use it. The one you have is made by Brown and Sharpe and is the simplest of all the hollow mill designs. I wouldn't even be 100% sure how to properly grind those cutters.