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Has anyone tried Muralo paint?

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  • Has anyone tried Muralo paint?

    Went to the Benjamin Moore dealer to buy some M22 enamel. They don't make M22 anymore, but he said that the P22 (not the Canadian formulated KP-22, discussed in another thread) is as good or better than M22. He said it was also only available in gallons, which is several times what I need. He went on to recommend a paint by Muralo called "Super-Tred Alkyd Enamel". He said that it is very, very durable, can be mixed in any color, and that a local manufacturer uses it to paint their own machines. Has anyone had any experience, good or bad, with this Muralo paint?

    Doug Nelson

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    Have not used it but am always interested in alternatives.
    A fairly brief search shows many threads that mention the company and the paint you mention by name but almost all state there are no dealers to be found in Canada BUT most threads go back to 2007 and 2008.
    The company website asks for international requests to email them but several threads make mention of sending mail but no replies that I could find.

    Was that Benjamin Moore seller also selling Muralo?


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      Yes, the B. Moore dealer also sells Muralo. He was recommending it to me partly because he can sell it in less than gallon quantities, unlike the Benjamin Moore P22. The Muralo Super-Tred is labelled "For Professional Use Only", and I'm not! (A professional painter, that is.) So I'm interested in hearing how easy or difficult it is to apply this product to machinery.

      Doug Nelson


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        The Muralo stuff is basically just reverse engineered Benjamin Moore paint. There is a group of smaller paint plants that use a shared group of chemists to reverse engineer the Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Pittsburgh paints. Many times they can produce a product that is close to the quality of the big name brands. Almost all of the ceramic products have been ripped of by them. The next big thing they are working on is the colorants. Benjamin Moore has figured out a system that doesn't burnish because of the colorants.