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  • Lathe Crisis

    Week ago I fitted all my chucks to my southbend lathe, I made a collar so I could screw the backplates on backwards. Well today I chucked in a chuck reamer to test run out, when I could visually see the wobble I got a little scared, Indicator was +/- .030. I then went to check my collar I made, I checked 4 points, 90 degrees apart, the damn thing was +.002 on each point, so .008 wobble from the get go.

    Well, I Took that old Union chuck the lathe came with, the Sled weight chuck as some called it, the darn thing is dead on, I refaced the collar got it flat, Redid my Bison's back plate.
    Now my runout is .002 at near the chuck, which is what I would expect as normal 3 jaw runout. However, If I move and get a reading 2 or 3 inches away, its around .005.
    So I still need to take another facing cut on the back plate I guess.
    I did notice however that Protector ring on the SB9 spindle was very close to the shoulder on the spindle, so I tapped it back a little for some comfort, I think that might of been causing problems as well.
    I still need to redo the 4 jaw chuck...
    Some times this hobby makes you want to yell and break stuff.

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    If you think the machinist's trade is tough on you as a hobby, try 40 years of it.

    I'm thinking about taking up bead work.


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      Thanks Forest, you smashed any thoughts I had of being a machinist with a sledgehammer.
      I'm going to put more effort into my college homework now.


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        You could take up computer work. What you learn today is obselete in two years. Irrelevant in 3 years. And in 10 years, It might as well be related to Dinosaur Eating habits for useful application.

        There are some good sides with what you know.... :>



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          I came to this college in hopes of getting a comp sci degree, I changed it 2 years ago for those reasons, and others.


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