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  • upcoming auction pic..

    This one is coming up in a cuppla weeks..its at a metal working institute a few miles away.....and a small local Machine shop is just a few months from closed...and there are very few trade schools left in the area...even the High schools dont have shop classes anymore...

    just about all the industry in this area is gone..."I love NY"..this area was once one of the biggest industrial areas anywhere...from Nukes to Nylons...Niagara Falls was happenin'...

    I am a fortunate one..(so far)..I work in the Maint. Dept. at the former Carborundum Co...which once had 4K employees and had one of the biggest machine shops in the east coast..and my grand daddy worked for close to 50 most of the buildings are imploded..(it was cool to watch) and there are fewer than 200 left....makes me really wonder just what the future is...

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    That line of lathes reminds me of the place that I took my metalworking classes at. As I recal, there were 3 rows of lathes, 7 deep? Anyway, looks like there is some good stuff there. Are you going to buy?
    Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.