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question on lubricants (milling machine)

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  • question on lubricants (milling machine)

    re assembling my old garvin 1 1/2 universal miller. Question is what lubricants should I use the dovetails all have oil ports/grooves what oil would work best.
    and the knee gear should I use oil or a grease. anyone know what was recommended for this old iron. It's been converted to vert with a tree universal milling head so i just need to know the oils needed for the table, Knee ect

    help me get this old iron making chips again


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    its called "way oil " or "slideway oil"..its a sort of hydraulic oil with additives.

    you can use ordinary hydraulic until you find the stuff.

    knee gear ......depends on how exposed it is ..if it tends to collect chips ..put more of the same on that ......if its well tooked away can grease it.

    all the best..markj


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      On my mill (8x30) I use SAE20 way oil on the ways (dovetails) and moly di-sulfied grease on the leadscrews and knee gear. I figure way oil would be fine for the leadscrews as it is very "clingy" but am happy with the performance (but not the mess) of the grease.

      When I first put the grease in the knee gear, it appeared to be easier to move the knee up and down.



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        I use Vacuoline 1409 on everything. It is basically the old recipe for Vactra 2. You can get either from a local Mobil distributor or Just Vactra from places like grainger.

        No way would I use grease on the screws.