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    About three years ago I bought a John Deere tractor model 2305 not a riding tractor but a small one. I have a reoccuring problem. Sometimes the belly mower won't come on when you pull the start button. The selector for the correct position is where it is supposed to be... The box I got with the tractor basically details only the tractor. The book I got with the belly mower does not have any trouble shooting regarding the belly mower. I paid $12,000 taxes and all and this is the second time that this has happened. I'm looking at another $5-6 hundred buck bill because they have to drain the hydrostatic unit, clean the solenoid valve, replace gasket and oil button up the unit. Any suggestions. I swear if it happens one more time there is gonna be one heckuva stink at the dealers. Machine has only 130 hours on it and I treat it like a baby. Frank

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    Try pulling the start button with your foot off the brake. I have 2 455's and that is the way they work. Lots of safety features on these tractors to confuse things.


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      I had the exact problem with mine when it was new. Took it in under waranty, I was told it was a loose connection in wiring harness. No problems since then....GOOD LUCK....Regards,Mike


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        I'd go back to the dealer with your complaint and politely explain that its never been right and you want it fixed. Unfortunately I think you're out of your warranty period but if you can prove it had an issue prior to your warranty being up then you may have a leg to stand on. The key is being polite but firm. Just walking in the door and cussing everyone out won't cut it. If you were within the warranty period then its a different story. If they can't or won't correct at a cost agreeable to both of you then you could ask to talk to the John Deere regions district manager.


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          Not a John Deere

          I have 3 Gravely commercial mowers. Several times I have had issues with the electric clutch or wiring. You didn't say but I'm assuming you have an electric clutch.

          Once I had a blown fuse, another time the fuse holder had corroded, and then another time the wires going to the clutch had rubbed on the frame and shorted out.

          Also as mentioned earlier, there are all types of safety interlocks that can be a problem.

          Hope you sort it out.


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            The odd thing in a way is if you have your foot on the brake and pull the switch to start the blades they will not start. If you then take your foot off the brake with the switch still out, the blades still will not start. It is only by not having the brake peddle depressed in the first place will the blades turn when pulling the switch.


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              Thanks for the tips. Beginning to think no one drove johndeere tractors anymore. When it works right is a pleasure its a pain in the you know where. Frank


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                Shameless plug for my John Deere Tractor Forum:

                I agree that is probably an electrical connection at fault.


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                  This happened also last summer and supposedly was fixed. Then I had problems with overheating. They check it out and found no problems. I keep every reciept
                  even if its for oil, small parts so can proove its a pre existing problem. For the first year all was great. Cuts grass like nobody's business. Now this. One thing that puzzles me, there is a filter plus 4 magnets that trap any metal particles. So why if the start button does not work, why do they have to open the back end of the hydrstatic unit?. I'm guessing because thats where the solenoid is located. And I will calmly and objectively explain the problem. Its just that I'm hard of hearing and some people think I'm yelling at them. Frank