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  • OT: navigation devices

    My wife and daughter got me a Tom-Tom 1500 via for christmas. since we moved, I used it several times and it really worked well. The problem is now it just shows it's searching for a GPS signal. I went on what they call a website and spent three hours trying to download an update thats supposed to make it all better. Has anyone else hear got one of these units and does it work at all? Oh yeah, there is no way to actually talk to a real person about it. I'm just about to get a better one, if any of you have any ideas or suggestions, chime in. Thanks and take care.

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    have a look at
    Have not been there in over a year but when I visited they had a lot of activity & info on these gizmos.


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      to a reset..... then return to supplier if it dont work....may be a faulty gps system


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        You are not using the TomTom Home software on your computer?


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          Yes use what you have as a paper weight, get a Garmin spend at least $150.00 you won't regret it.


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            Maybe it needs to be in a better position to 'see' the satellites.


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              As mike suggested, look up the reset procedure in the manual and perform one. Both my "one" and the fancy new model she bought have this problem upon occasion (every year or two) and its easily remedied.

              Dont let the "other" brands mislead you. I do a ton of traveling, and I honestly believe the TomToms are the best by far for both ease of use and accuracy.
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                I too have a Tomtom. It is the first and last one I shall ever own.
                Their website is the most user-unfriendly POS I've yet tried to deal with. It took me damn near a whole afternoon to download an update.
                If your Tomtom is showing the "waiting for a signal" message, make sure you're outside, with an unobstructed view of the sky. If the thing still has not found a position within ten minutes, send it back to the store.


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                  I went on what they call a website and spent three hours trying to download an update thats supposed to make it all better.
                  It's probably the 'Leap Year' bug that has afflicted many TomTom models.

                  I believe updating via MyTomTom can be difficult under Internet Explorer 8 / Windows 7 - is that what you're using ???

                  If so, either use another browser, or try using 'compatibility mode' in IE (found under the 'Tools' menu).

                  A temporary fix is a 'drum roll' reset - hold the on button for 20-30 seconds until you hear the 'drum roll'. It may take 10 minutes to get a signal after that even out of doors.

                  No guarantees...




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                    It's a known firmware problem, they claim there's a fix that will be downloaded when you next connect. It happened to me, there was a 3 minute download and the problem seems gone, until the next one.


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                      I've used Garmins and Tom Toms both. My money is on the Tom Tom, easier to use, more intuitive. Just upgraded to my 2nd one 'cause the first was getting old and did not announce street names.Bob.


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                        I haven't read the entire thread, someone may already have suggested this.

                        If you took your tom tom turned off for a ride out west and turned it on it will take a very long time to find where it is as it has a tremendous amount of math to do. If you have a "setup" menu I would go there and it should ask you what part of the country you are in. That will save time.

                        I spent over 2, thousand for the one in my new cadillac and the same for the one in the GMC Sierra. Did the same for the Ford Fusion. I have finally learned my lesson and would NEVER reccoment anyone pay that kind of money for a factory installed job. I have a Garmin Streetpilot 7200 that has never failed me and two Garmin Nuvi 255w models for my motorcycles and they have never failed me and they are about $150.00. Cadi wants $139.00 for the map upgrade on a 2K dollar unit? GMC wants $39.00 on a 2K dollar unit ?

                        Right now my 2k dollar unit in the GMC is operating so slow as to be useless.
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