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Boyer-Schultz toolroom grinder bearings

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  • Boyer-Schultz toolroom grinder bearings

    Well, in every dark cloud is a bolt of lightning ready to smack ya up side the head. We have BS grinder in the tool room that had spindle bearings, which were becoming noisy. I had the maint. dept (who has always done a good job on the equipment) change the bearings out. The fellow told me that the company that is now handling the parts for these machines sent non sealed bearings. After a call to them the miant. fellow told me that they, the parts distributor, told him that these were the replacements and they didn’t need to be sealed! Well as you can guess, the machine is making a little noise now. Surface looks good but who knows how long before they really start screaming.

    Anyone have a good source for sealed high-speed bearings?
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    I've owned several Boyar-Schulz grinders. There is a reason they're cheap. Eaton Industries doesn't back up their older products.I've gone through this myself with them. I'm afraid if you can't find sealed, off the shelf replacements, you better 86 the grinder. Thats what I wound up doing.


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      Try this:
      Hope they can help,


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        try this site
        if you don't have a number off the bearing, give the dimensions and they can probably get what you need.

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          Thanks all. I will try the links. Rustybolt, I hope that I dont have to toss the grinder. This thing has been working great. I just cant grasp that there is not a bearing source. Man, I would think that someone would make them Maybe I will find it in the links. Thanks ...
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            We have a B&S grinder at work and I did change the bearings in the spindle,but the reason the bearings come without seals is because they don't make them that way.They are angular contact presicion bearings and they do not make them sealed.The ones that were original have brass cages,this is whats making the noise not the bearing itself.

            On the unit at work in the top of the spindle housing there is an 1/8"npt thread,ours has a brass oiler in it,you fill it with 20wt spindle oil and set the drip to feed while the grinder is running.

            I did change out the factory bearings with a higher grade that uses phenolic cages instead of brass,these run much quieter.The bearings must have lube while they are in operation.
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              Wierd, The bearings that were removed look sealed. Also, there is no oiler on the grinder. Nor is there a location for one. I looked in the original manual and it does not show an oiler either. I do realize that the bearings are angular contact, but I thought that you could get them with seals. I might have to break down and add an oiler. Might be the best bet. Thanks
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                The old bearings may have been replaced before with something other than spec,or they did a long time ago make angular contact bearings that had a sheet metal sheild and a felt wiper,I believe that NICE made them,but they are discontinued now.

                If you could e-mail me with some numbers or measurements I could try to find out prescisely what they are.
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                  Dunno about grinder bearings, but the Logan lathe I have I replaced the spindle bearings in with new from Logan.

                  The original was a "shielded" bearing, with a non-sealing metal shield on one side. It could have had them on both, but one side is shielded by the mount.

                  New bearing is sealed, two sides, but otherwise identical.

                  Both old and new are double-row angular contact internally preloaded bearings. Original was New Departure, new one is "MRC".

                  So obviously some grades and types of bearing are available in angular contact with seals.

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                    I think that I got the full story now. Barden bearing tells me that they originally made the bearings for that machine. The rear bearing is an angular contact bearing and must obviously be put in there in the correct direction. The front bearing is a shielded bearing and must continue to be so. Which would explain my current problems with the un-shielded bearing I was sold byt the other place. They still make both bearings and were a great help. By the way, if you need to call them, talk to Al. He was nice and helped out alot. Thanks all. JG
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