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  • New Gas Can..... POS

    Here is how I managed to elevate my blood pressure this morning.
    My father goes out an buys a new gas can.......... I had a feeling what he was going to come back with because there really isn't any good old gas cans out there any more. When I saw this thing....... it was like , bring this POS back.
    Well, he already had it filled with gas. Now he's trying to figure out how to get the gas to pour out the spout. Come to find out you have to depress the green collar and give it a twist in order to get the gas to pour out. Horrible fitting plastic parts........ the spout leaked gas all over the place around the collar, not to mention it started to pour out before you even got the spout into the hole of the tank. What ever happened to flex spouts??? What an absolute piece of crap. I poured the gas out into some other containers and told him to take this POS back and get a refund. He goes back to the store....... they tell him they can't take a gas can back once it has had gas in it but they refunded his money any way after he bitched and hollered and told them well...... it's a gas can what did you expect me to put in it??


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    I dont like them either. My grandparents are always going to flea markets, I tell my grandfather to pick me up the old Army gas cans. Love those things.


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      Originally posted by JoeLee
      ...there really isn't any good old gas cans out there any more...
      That's sure the truth! I have one of these but it has its shortcomings too.


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        You think that's bad. You should see the 'old' GI gas can look a likes all the auto parts stores, and even offroad places are carrying. Steel can but same kind of plastic contraptions and lid to try and prevent evaporation and contamination of the atmosphere. ratchet locks, safety this, safety that, ugh. makes me want to kick the full can over and say @#$% it. But with gas at close to $4 a gallon I can't afford to dump $20 in the driveway.

        I'd like to cram the damn can up some environmentalist's you know what. I haven't been able to find the old flex steel spouts or the steel caps that fit the hole in the GI style cans anywhere. Online or locally.


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          Thank all the environmentalists and "make it safe for any moron to operate" types for the government regulation that made your can what it is. While you can still find steel cans it's nearly impossible to find new simple gas cans with a screw on top and simple open pour spout.


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            I have 6 Blitz 5 gallon Steel "jerry cans" for my generator. Blitz will not sell the replacement flexible (or any) spouts for these cans - no longer legal.

            I bought a "Blitz style" Chinese flexible spout from Ebay - the "chrome" rusted in 3 days and it leaks from the crimped end.

            Guess I'lll be making my own.


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              Yep I tossed the ecodon'tworkleaksgaspieceofs**t top and made one out of steel tubing. lo and behold it doesn't spill gas all over the ground. Imagine that.



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                I have one of these:-

                Works well and does not leak.


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                  " ...lo and behold it doesn't spill gas all over the ground. Imagine that."


                  I threw my citizen-safety spout away as well. Funnel works fine - just have to remember to carry it around ...


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                    Artful Bodger, I have one of those cans also. The one I have was made in Sebring, Florida. Sold as the Sebring can. I am guessing produced during the 1960's early 1970's. I worked for an aircraft engine overhaul shop at the Sebring Airport. They were made there. The production rights and press and dies were sold off and moved around 1977 or 1978. The shop had the can half s all over the place. We used them for parts trays. Yes a very good can.


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                      Yeah, those new cans are fine and dandy if you need to put gas in a push mower but try filling a dozer or big tractor. Hoisting cans up shoulder-height is hard enough without having to mess with levers, switches, knobs and do-hickies too. All mine are the old type. Some with the flexible in-can spout and some with just a nozzle and a cork. All have a vent hole plugged with a screw when needed.


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                        Agree wholeheartily with all the above negative comments about these newer cans. JUST plain stupidity in design!!

                        Too bad as Sceptor used to be a decent product.

                        I have half a dozen of the old style red plastic cans,, then the stupid do-gooders redesigned the caps so the new plastic caps are metric?? thread.

                        I have a boxfull of the old style caps i scrounged from the landfill over the years that i hope will last me for quite awhile.


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                          Welcome to the future.


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                            One thing to say....

                            Government involvment. I've bought 5 gas cans and I can't use the spout on any of them. Talk about working against your goal. Now almost every time I go to fill gas I end up spilling it.
                            Allans Rule: Anything worth doing is going to be a pain in the butt.