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Poly Abrasive Disc, Flap Disc and Cup Wire Brush

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    LHC: the initial go round was using products from Home Depot, "Avanti" was the name on the poly disc and "Diablo, Steel Demon" the name on the flap disc.
    If you are searching generally (in stores or internet), the "disc" part is somewhat important. I found it moves you from looking at flap wheels (that really are like wheels, the flaps extending sort of like spokes with most often a shaft being the "hub") to looking for things to attach to a right angle grinder.
    Those purchases were based solely on what was open late night just prior to a long weekend.

    As someone has replied, there are a few systems out there from various manufacturers that are, more or less, meant for die grinders, know about those, would use them IF I had a source of air in the current work "shop" (I have tried them on a electric die grinder and they work well, in my eyes it is a hassle not truly worthwhile). What I am after are variations on what can be attached to a typical angle grinder (in my case a 4.5" Makita), so either threaded hub or slightly larger reinforced hole.

    Today I went to a more industrial source, who has both Walter and Norton as well as some Klingspor products.
    Found some relative inexpensive wire wheels, Walter, (they are not quite flat but certainly not cup either) they do far more what I am after regarding post weld clean up.
    Also trying a flap disc from Walter, it cuts quicker than the "Diablo" did but I think, for me, the issue is still the same, it works really well to blend welds (and it was much better on paint than the "Diablo") but on a flat surface, going into corners, "L", you almost have to go at it horizontally as well as vertically (and the item I am working on is awkward to turn one way) but even then, from the little I have done, the leading edge seems to wear quickly...I do know I saw a version of the "Diablo" that was designed precisely for welds in such corners, it had a radius from the factory which should help..
    The poly discs in the size I am after they were out of (from Norton; they did have for 7" and 9" of the "Rapid Strip") but certainly not quite as cheap as I had hoped, based on the cost from Home Depot. I know they work extremely well and since the ones I have seen are fairly thick after a short time working into those "L" corners, on welds, they sort of form their own radius (I sort of start a bit high and come down and then a short "along").

    Generally I am after minimizing how many variations on a theme I keep some stock of...I have been disappointed by some course fiber reinforced grinding discs from 3M which, theoretically, are meant specifically for rust removal (I bought from an auto body supply place with that in mind). They cut very well but clog/glaze over/dull quickly and a lot of the surface area of the disc is "lost" (at least I have never figured out a way to move in from the outer inch or inch and a half or so).

    One detail I noticed this morning looking through various catalogs, is the "attack angle", the way I understand it, there is a difference as to how upright the grinder is held,
    "Type 29" is meant for more upright (often labeled as "removal") whereas "Type 27" is often listed as "finish" [re: flap disc].

    I don't know how it is in other parts of Canada and certainly not in the U.S. or Europe but I am often butting my head up against a wall regarding abrasive suppliers. In particular, the major names. The difficulty always seems to be that no one is really a "full line supplier".
    I will spend time and money looking for a product that does what I want it to do and am willing to pay the premium that 3M and Norton command/demand BUT I can not afford to experiment with their entire product lines and find it aggravating when someone who supposedly carries the entire Norton line (as example) and I go in there after I do the research to narrow the choices down and then am often told, sorry, we don't stock that (which I get) or sorry, we won't bring that in (which I don't get) the same time, if the local supplier will only bring it in a box of 10 at a time say, I can swallow that IF I GET TO TRY A SAMPLE FIRST and that appears to be a tough ask [they don't normally carry something and so don't want to bring in a single as a sample based, I feel, that my "large" purchase may only be a box of 5 or 10].
    Internet sources become the fall back position, so to answer LHC's question in a different way, Canadian sources: well not entirely satisfactory.

    Edit: to add, came across "Keen Abrasives" yesterday during an EBay search, unfortunately (?) for some reason, they don't ship to Canada (through EBay) but they do have an online store and list this:
    which is exactly the format I am after (now just got to get here)
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      Originally posted by oldtiffie
      I use flap-wheels (3M or equivelent) and slotted and raised grinding wheels (seem to be no longer available - very fast and effective, easy to see where you are working and I have an impression that they were gringing cooler). If I now have to use normal wheels I only use Norton or as supplied from BOC.

      Over-heating and "polishing" (instead of cutting) is a waste of time and causes a lot of inclusions.

      We use a courser version of these to bevel pipe and plate at work. Cut a 10"std pipe (zip wheel) and bevel for welding in a few minutes, much quicker then it takes to do it with a torch and then finish grind.
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        Originally posted by RussZHC
        Edit: to add, came across "Keen Abrasives" yesterday
        ... they do have an online store and list this:
        which is exactly the format I am after
        The Keen #71028 4-1/2" x 7/8" Stripping disk is a dead ringer for the
        Norton NRN09649 (full p/n 66261009649) 'Rapid Strip, Non-Woven,
        Depressed Center, Type 27 discs' sold by Acklands-Grainger.

        My vote is that these come from the same plant in Mexico and just
        have different labels afixed to the backing plate. The Keen photo
        looks exactly like the Norton 09649 I now hold in my hand.

        Originally posted by RussZHC
        I don't know how it is in other parts ...
        Don't be disheartened. WPG is hardly the back-of-beyond.

        As for vendors carrying a full line, that might be an unreasonable
        expectation. They carry the portion of the line-up that addresses
        the needs of their primary clientel, be it automotive, industrial,
        construction or whatever.

        Use the catalogs. Telephone first, instead of cold-calling by car.
        Ask branches with none on hand to check stock at other locations.
        When all else fails, enquire politely about whether they would recommend
        someone else in town that might have what you are asking for.