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OT looking for fiberglass board 1/4" thick

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  • OT looking for fiberglass board 1/4" thick

    I need to patch a bad spot in our boat. A inside wall between the inside hull and a storage compartment. Any one have a source for this. I see electorally rated stuff but has a high price tag. I was going to patch over the whole wall 18"X20".

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    If the electrical stuff is too expensive then why not make your own piece? A flat piece of board, some plastic wrap and a vacuum pump should produce a suitable piece.
    After you price out all the material you might find the electrical stuff a bargin. ;-)



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      I'd try an agricultural supply store. They carry a lot of materials that are resistant to the conditions found on the farm.


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        Here's in south Florida you can go to a boat manufacturer and get pieces cut out as waste from boat manufacture. You could also purchase foam core like Divinycell and lay up your own panels using the core material.


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          I have built a number of replacement panels for various hot rods over the years. For what you want, buy some mat and resin, find a flat non porous surface, apply two coats of floor wax to the surface and let it dry without polishing it, then build up the thickness of fiberglass and resin that you want. Make it about 3" oversize all around, then after it cures for 24 hours pop it it off the surface with a compressed air gun or a putty knife and trim to exact size with a sabre saw. Its messy, and stinky, but very effective and inexpensive.
          Brian Rupnow
          Design engineer
          Barrie, Ontario, Canada


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            I may abandon the home fix after getting in there with a roto-zip to see the size of patch needed. The board that is attached to the fiber glass wall is rotted past the corner and up to the transom. Time for a professional to take over and do the repair.