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    I am considering purchasing a new! 13 by 40 Standard Modern lathe. Does anyone have any expierience with them? I used them in high school but didn't know or care about much back then.

    GA Ewen, I saw in the machinists workshop article you have a smaller? standard modern, can you comment on yours? It looks similar to Frank Mcleans standard modern.

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    I have a Standard Modern lathe dated 1969..A very well built machine..I know nothing else on the newer machines, but the one I have is sure nice...



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      <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by quasi:
      I am considering purchasing a new! 13 by 40 Standard Modern lathe. Does anyone have any expierience with them?</font>
      The Standard Modern is/was a Canadian-built lathe. Many are found in Tech schools, such as the Community College where I'm taking lathe training. This is completely hearsay, but my father tells me they were bought by many Canadian shops because they were cheaper than imported USA or British lathes, but he says the Standard Moderns were disliked in the Canadian shops where he worked in the 60s-80s.


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        My Standard-Modern was a 9" x 24" like the one that Frank Mclean had. They are very good machines but it was to small for my needs. A friend in town has a 11" x 24" that I covet and drool over every time that I see it. If I could find an 11" x 24" I'd grab it and get out with my 12" x 36" "Who Flung Dung".

        Where are Standard-Modern Lathes sold? Last year I e-mailed them to inquire about the very machine that you are considering and got know responce.
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          Standard Modern Lathes are still made in Canada. You could buy one today. Here is the company link.

          I just acquired a Standard Modern 13-34 - the shorter version of the one you are looking at. Mine is not yet running, but I have already done enough work on it to know that it is a good lathe. Standard Modern parts are sold in the US by LeBlond in the Cincinnati area.

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            I think Blue Ridge Machinery sells them in the USA. When I looked at buying a lathe I gave that careful consideration.

            In the end, I bought the Emco Super 11CD, which is priced close to the Standard Modern. The Standard Modern is a we bit bigger than the Emco, but I absolutely love the Super 11CD and how it has performed for me.