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Aloris Tool Holders.... Poor Quality

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  • Aloris Tool Holders.... Poor Quality

    I bought a couple Aloris tool holders a while back, just got around to using them yesterday. These are the BXA-1S for 3/4" tool holders. First thing I found is that when I set my tool holder in the fixture it rocked from side to side, there was also a nasty burr on each end of the slot.
    A closer look at the bottom of the slot revealed the worst machining I've ever seen. It looks like they ripped through the slot with an extremely dull and beat up planer cutter. The finish was just horrible. I made an attempt to stone off the high spots but the ridges are way too high to stone by hand. I indicated at least .010 in differences from high ridges to low spots.
    The bottom of that holder is one of the most critical surfaces for proper tool holder alignment not to mention for secure mounting.
    I guess I'll have to clean them up on my surface grinder with a saucer wheel.
    I probably would have been better off buying an import copy.
    These two holders aren't finished any where as nice as the older ones I have.
    Look at the way they wack the corners and edges.
    If you look close at the holder in the first picture you can see a divit in the center of the slot..... looks like a chip stuck to the dull cutter and embedded itself in the slot. They should be ashamed of themselves for letting products
    leave the factory looking like that. Where is QC???????


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    It looks like they just had a dull end mill, judging by the swirl marks on the back side. Shame on them for shipping them that way.

    Were they some special price closeout or something?


    edit: I think I would send them back at their expense.





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      If these are true aloris made I would contact them. and complain send them pics. the cheap knockoffs from CDCO look better than that at $10.00 each
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        Joe, did you buy them new or used ?
        Looking at the first photo shows quite a bit of wear on the blackened surface !
        That would signify extensive use .
        The set screws also look worn to me .

        I would suggest you call Aloris in New Jersey
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          Originally posted by Rich Carlstedt
          Joe, did you buy them new or used ?
          Looking at the first photo shows quite a bit of wear on the blackened surface !
          That would signify extensive use .

          still, the last one didn't wear into that condition
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            To answer all the questions you guys asked............... Yes I bought these brand new, no special deal or seconds etc. Genuine Aloris, shipped from them.
            I stoned the surfaces to better show the high spots so I could see what I was looking at, that is why the bluing is worn in some spots.
            The back side of the pocket is cut with an end mill but the top and bottom of the slot are cut with a planer cutter, not an end mill. You can tell by the straight lines, an end mill wouldn't leave that kind of mark. Then the relief cuts in the corners are cut with a slotting cutter at a 45.

            Yes I did call Aloris and they apologized and said I could send them in and they would either clean them up or replace them. Hell, it isn't worth the time or trouble to box them up and mail them out.

            The other thing that also irks me is the handel on the tool post ends up in a different position when you lock the blocks down, in fact all the blocks other than the original ones that came with the (older quality tool post) all do that.
            The handel ends up in a different position with them. That problem has to do with the width of the dove tail slot in relation to the height of the flat surface on the back side..... poorly controled tolerances, but there isn't much I can do about that as I would have to add material to the back side and it's only a matter of a couple thou. The handel position can be corrected by slipping the appropriate size shim behind the block but who wants to be doing that evey time you change tool holders.
            Who likes to have a handle hitting you in the chest when you leaning over you work.


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              Originally posted by JoeLee
              Yes I bought these brand new, no special deal or seconds etc. Genuine Aloris, shipped from them.
              That's sad, especially the swarf crater. The rust on the set screw isn't endearing either -- since those are galvanized screws, I gather there's rust in the tapped hole?

              I hate to even ask, but was there any indication where these were made? Was the box marked "Made in USA"?
              In other words, has Aloris outsourced the toolholders in the last couple of years?

              I have a bunch of AXA and BXA's, and they're very well-made, but they're also old stock.
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                Not Acceptable in my book

                You should send those back. They need to see what got through their quality control. Variable handle position indicates variation in the most important dimensions. The cosmetic corrections I would tend to do myself if that were the only problem. See if you can get your money back and buy some imports from CDCO.

                My tool post is a Dorian. I bite the money bullet and buy some of their holders. They do make some oversize holders and Parting tool holders that are not available from the importers. The imported turning holders are good. I like the import boring bar holder better than the Dorian.

                Aloris makes double sided and double-ended holders that are not available elsewhere. Those are very handy designs.
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                  Well, I finished cleaning up the surfaces on both the tool holders. About 45 min. on the surface grinder and it was done. It took a bit longer than I thought it would but cutting with a saucer wheel is like cutting with the side of a regular grinding wheel.

                  Yes it is sad....... I also have several older Aloris tool holders and they are all very well made and meticulously finished. I guess they have to cut costs somehow so this is one of the ways they do it.


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