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Irs check in looking for a mill for $600 or less

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  • Irs check in looking for a mill for $600 or less

    Hi All
    Irs check in looking for a mill for $600 or less looked on net found harbor fright, grizzly, Proxxon and shop Fox.

    The grizzly looks better then harbor fright not big fan of harbor fright what good in this price range?


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    Can you update your location on your profile so you get proper information? Some areas you should be able to find a nice used machine at that price.
    Also we need to know what you are planning to do with it? That would change my answer.


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      Look for a hardly used one as people retire & try machining & don't like it & there the equipment sits. I had 2 Enco(Rong-Fu) I sold for $500 ea & 1 for $250. Run some Wanted ads but in the tool section, not the wanted section. Good Luck!
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        Updated info

        Updated info Austin texas

        Checking craigslist and other for sale green sheets types for months most over $1200 dollars.

        Then would find one no call back or return email’s.

        To mill colt 1911’s 80% frames.



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          In Austin TX finding a decent mill for $600 will take you a while.
          It will be a round column mill-drill or a minimill, and it will sell fast.
          You have to check CL almost hourly, and be ready to pounce when one shows.
          Here in DFW they last less than an hour if it's a good deal.

          For the stated purpose, I'd consider buying new. You can get a minimill for that, and maybe have enough left for the bare minimum tooling. You will want to tune it to make sure everything runs true. It will do all you need on a 1911, but you will want to add a cheap DRO setup if you are doing frames.