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    Can anyone tell me if the Model Engineer/Model Engineer's Workshop publications (in English) are readily for sale in either Germany, Austria or Switzerland?

    How about other similar publications in German?

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    wow it seems along way to go for a copy when your house is in Eldorado but for quality it might be worth the travel cost and inconvenience. Alistair
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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      They post worldwide.



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        I think I need to make this clearer, "readily for sale" means for sale in most bookstores or shops where many magazines are sold........

        ....and yes, Alistair, it is a long way to go! I would have gone to sunny old England for my books (and an encounter with Hemingway's!), but the Olympic crowds are a bit too much for me!


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          Actually, I was wondering this as well recently. Someone on another list was interested in something that the HSM publication could be a great resource for. I didn't know if it was fairly common, though, to find it there. He's in the Netherlands. I realize there are worldwide subscribers, but I have never heard of worldwide, general news-stand access. Good question. I know local to me, in the US, Borders used to have both HSM and MW on their shelves until they went under. Haven't looked at Barnes & Noble lately.
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            Good question.

            I can't say that I've ever seen them on a book/magazine-stand in my local area in Australia either - but I've never set out to have a good look for them either.

            Perhaps George Bulliss can help here.


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              no way. you even cannot get hot rod anymore, exept for one place in z├╝rich, i know of.


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                Barnes & Noble carry both publications. And occasionally a few machining type magazines from england. Think maybe one from germany might proove to be interesting. Frank