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Atlas model 73 Drill Press Pulleys

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  • Atlas model 73 Drill Press Pulleys

    I have an Atlas 73 from my great grandfather's shop that survived a fire a few years back...
    I'm working on restoring it to a useable state and need to make two of the pulleys that melted.
    Does anyone have one of these they could measure the diameters of the stepped pulleys?
    The pulley on the motor I can measure, it is the intermediate pulley and the spindle pulley that I can only get the two smaller steps measured.
    Here is a picture of a similar drill press:

    These are the melted pulleys.

    Any help would be great!


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    Atlas is still in Kalamazoo 269) 345-7155. They're very helpful.


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      I have an Atlas 74, similar, with no center pulley. Basically all the pulleys must be the same diameter, or the belts will not work. I am very handicapped at the moment and can barely see and am not supposed to lift anything so can't take it apart for fine measurement, but the motor pulley on mine has four steps, in which the inside (deepest) measurement, using a caliper, comes to about 1/8 inch over the even, 4,3,2 and 1 inch plus about an eighth. The spindle pulley must be just the reverse of this. If it had a center pulley, it would be another reverse as well, I'm pretty sure. The only variation would be in the bores. If this weren't so, the belts would slip.

      In the #74 instructions, the center pulley is mentioned, as having cataloge number W120. The motor pulley for 1/2 inch bore is 53-29, for the 5/8 inch hole is 53-30, and the spindle pulley is 63-6. I just checked on line and the 73, nearly the same, has part number 60-29 for the motor pulley and 60-6A for the spindle. No number is given for the intermediate accessory. The spindle speeds are the same, so diameters must also be. I'm guessing either a slight part number change or a small improvement in the 74's strength. My 74 dates from 1947.

      If you need any further information, I can get for you, but it may be slow owing to physical problems (eyes bad, can't lift, etc. after bicycle accident), but I will be glad to try, since I have little else on my plate at the moment. If you want copy of instructions, I think I have a scan on another computer and can send.


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        I'd give Clausing/Atlas a try as every tool I've called on they've e-mail the op & parts manual N/C & have had any part I've needed. If not looks like Bruto can help. Good Luck!


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          Nice offer of help Bruto,, hope you get mended up again soon.


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            Atlas/Clausing are great. Their not free and they shouldn't be. It's still a running company. They will sell you some OEM parts, Produce brand new parts, Or sell you a set of factory drawings for parts they don't currently produce.



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              just to add, the full instruction pamphlet can be found on OWWM if you search.. I have the 74 but they have the 73 with what were at least once the correct part numbers.

              In case my post above was not sufficiently informative, basically each pulley step is as close to exactly one inch from its neighbor as you would need to worry about, so if you have even one sheave on one pulley surviving, all the other sizes can be generated if you're patient.

              You definitely would want the center pulley for metal working. For woodworking, the basic four speed version is adequate. My four speed 74 came with a mortising jig and is not used for metal.


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                If you have a drill speed table on what's left of the drill and a couple of pulleys you should be able to "work backwards" and calculate the required pitch diameters of the required pulleys. Size/section (ie "A" or "B") of the belt/s will be needed as well.


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                  HERE is the instruction sheet with speeds specified. This is the same as the sheet I got with my 74 except for small details and is, as far as I know, all that came with it except for an additional sheet detailing the mortise setup.


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                    Idler pulley:
                    height: 2.12"
                    Pulley diameters:

                    Spindle Pulley:
                    height: 2.12"
                    Pulley Diameters:

                    Diameters are in inches and are from top to bottom.

                    I think you will find that Atlas 62 , 63 , 64 , 72 , 73 and 74 drill press parts are probably compatible, along with the Craftsman branded drill presses from the 1930's or 1940's. The later Craftsman stuff was make by King Seeley. Your best bet would be to buy a used one. You can join the group and post a wanted ad in the member's Woodworking forsale section if no one here has one forsale. You can probably buy a spindle pulley. The idler pulley will be harder to find.

                    Good Luck!


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                      Thanks for all of the info guys!