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  • Mounted Points ?????

    Anyone know fo a source for mounted points with 1/4"-28 studs??

    I have a small ID grinding job to do, my T&C grinder has 3 arbors I can use, one uses a 1/8" collet, one is internally threaded 5-40 and the other is internally threaded 1/4"-28 and that is the arbor I need to use. I found some stones with a 1/4"-20 thread but can't find any with 28 tpi stud.
    I have some small 1/2" stones with a 5-40 stud but the stone is too small and would require 18K rpm's plus. I need a 1" to 1 1/4" dia stone with a 28 tpi stud. Are they still made??? they must have been at one time.


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    If anyplace may have them it's here
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      If the OP has collets why does he need threaded shanks to his points? I can see the need for them in a "production" environment but not a home shop environment if the speed, "hang-out" and depth of cut are not too aggressive.

      Its the same as for threaded shank end-milling cutters.

      (see maximun speeds)


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        oldtiffie, the collet arbor I have will only take 1/8" shanks....... it's for real small points like Dremel stuff. You won't find a 1" dia. stone with a 1/8" shank. I was thinking of running a 28 tpi die over the 20 tpi shank, I know it will chew it up abit but it will work so I can use it on my arbor.