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OT- shelf life of asphalt shingles

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  • OT- shelf life of asphalt shingles

    Had my roof re-shingled- must be over a year ago now. There were several bundles of shingles left over, so I kept them to do a new section of roof that I planned to add. Now the city has said no to my plans, so the shingles are useless to me, except where I might need to replace one or two down the road. I started to move them last night and find that some are sticking together- the odd one gets ripped as I try to separate them. Obviously the damaged ones are garbage.

    Most of these packages haven't been opened, but the ones I moved are leftovers from an opened package. I can toss those out- I don't care. But I'm wondering if the others are going to be stuck together in a hopeless mess- and how long should a package of shingles last on the shelf?

    These have all been kept inside, so nothing above room temperature and never in the sun. It's the seal strips that have stuck the orphan shingles together.

    Do we have any roofers on board?
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    I've got spare shingles stored for over 10 years (they came with the house). I don't have a problem with the tar strips sticking (I've had to replace the odd shingle every year or three), but they are stored in a garage and I live in a dry climate so those may be contributing factors.


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      If they're still wrapped in the original bundles the sticking should be very minor and easily separated. If you've randomly stacked loose shingles you probably didn't get the seal-tabs lined up on the 'no stick' strip on the one below. If that's the case, when they get hot enough you'll have a job getting them undone.


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        If they're in the bundle gentle trop the bundle on the 1' side corner & it will pop them loose without opening the bundle. Let it hit where the end of the bundle meets the long side. Right on that corner. Hard to explain but it works. May take 2 or 3 drop in extreme cases.
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          Thanks gentlemen, I'll take it that these are still prime then. They are 35 yr shingles, the best around at the time. Maybe I can sell them.
          I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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            I have some stored over 20 years now and they are still good. They will not match the existing roof color as those have been exposed to the elements. As has been said just drop the bundles on the back flat side hitting toward one end or drop them over something high in the middle of the bundle. We used to take a water hose up on the roof and water down any shingles that were stuck together to cool them and they would be easy to get separated. Those ones that you say are damaged; if the front tabs are not ripped, you might be able to cut caps from them and save those instead of throwing them away.


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              Heat is the biggest killer, of the asphalt shingles. Just had ours re done in Nov. Complete tear off, 3 asphalt layers and 2 cedar shake layers about 30 yards of debris

              tear off and debris in front of house

              Local code has to have it sheeted after a complete tear off.
              Since the crew that was doing it, only took 16½ hours over two days start to finish it. It started to rain after about four hours the first.

              Three interesting things I learned was that the cooler the under side of the shingles are, the longer they will last.
              That all shingles no matter what the warranty years stated on the package 30,35,50 years. Some where in the fine print of the actual warranty, it says that it is 25 years limited replacement limit!
              And this little tidbit

              Using a foam upholstery cushion on the singles it will not slip, as the grit bits the foam and the surface area is so large. The roof is about a 14in 12 pitch.

              I have 3 large 14"x24" static vents in the attic space. The more roof vents the longer the shingles will last.

              Just had them do my parents ranch style they put 13 roof vents on instead of ridge vents. As most ranches don't have enough running ridge footage. In the week that it has been done my parents already noticed the difference in the temp inside the house. It is lower now than before, And the neighbors house same model had the roof done 5/6 years ago and it is already showing signs of deterioration.
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                I made some use of shingles left from the mid '90s on a recent siding
                job at home, where it was obvious the some shingles needed to be
                replaced. Be aware that shingles have changed to metric and the
                new ones will be 1 meter long, not 36" and ~34+ cm wide (13.5")
                so using 15 yr or so old 12x36" shingles to patch a metric shinge roof
                will require some adjusting. OTOH ridge shingles are 30 cm square, go figure.


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                  Heat is what makes the shingles stick together. The tip about dropping them is a good one, when they are cool. Try to keep them in a cool place, basement floor is ideal. But generally they don't go bad if stored properly. It's best to try and separate them when they are cool. If they've been in the sun and you try to separate them the asphalt gets sticky and it can be almost impossible to separate without damage. Once cool they should separate fine again.


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                    I've found that sometimes not all the shingles are stuck together, just some of them. Take a hammer, whack away along the tar line about 4-6" apart and then they come loose easily.