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Did Mr Mole make the best?

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  • Did Mr Mole make the best?

    When I left Britain I sold most of my tools. When I got set up over here I bought new, or new secondhand as I needed. I left my " Mole" wrenches behind and ended up with various makes of similar devices. Last year I bought some secondhand tools and to my delight there was a genuine ' Mole' wrench amongst them.Today I needed one to grip a damaged shaft( LONG story, not needed here) while I unscrewed a damaged collar.. The "Mole " did the job in fine style, just out of curiousity I tried a North American equivalent, it did the job, but just didnt feel quite the same and needed two or three tries at setting before holding well. ARE, or maybe WERE the " Mole" wrenches better than their equivalents or am I just being sentimental.? regards David Powell.

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    David i had one of those Mole wrenches years ago, not sure what happened to it.

    I remember it worked fine, but there was some issue with it i can't remember right now.


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      Do you remember the "Footprint" brand wrenches too - they actually had a footprint stamped on them. My Dad always called his wrenches by the common brand name even if they were made by another company like "Stillson".
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