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OOPS! Now where's my Zamak Welding Rods

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  • OOPS! Now where's my Zamak Welding Rods

    So I bought a 10" Atlas lathe which had been dropped. The Gear banjo was broken, the gear housing door was cracked off with a piece missing, the end of the bed the door hinge was fastened to was cracked off and the motor bracket smashed.

    Well I fixed all those things without having to buy any parts (even a couple of parts would have cost more than I paid for this machine) and assembled everything and when I start it I realise that the two step motor pulley is pretty bent - don't know why I didn't notice that before. So I put my puller on it and it moves easily about 1/2" and then seems to stick. I take the puller off to check that the puller center is not hanging up somehow and then I notice that when I spin the pulley it is perfectly straight.

    Well I should have just knocked it right back in place but I decide to pull it off anyway (maybe the shaft is bent too and the pulley turned 180). So I put the puller back on and give it a good crank and rip the large pulley clean off the pulley body.

    Well, on Ebay people were asking $60 or $70 for these things so this one gets repaired:
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    With enough time & proper motivation anything can be fixed
    Bill in SE Idaho
    With enough time & motivation anything can be fixed


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      Looks like a nice save.

      Between the roll pins and what looks like the tell tale signs of your secondary retaining system...JB weld I'm guessing, you'll be able to take your wife out for dinner and still have money left over.

      Edited to add: I should have mentioned.
      I think Zamack welding rods contain JB Weld.
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        Those pulleys do suck. I'm making a new one for my 12" tonight, along with a new 2hp dayton motor I got at the scrap yard for $15. The motor looks almost new. The original is bouncing all around.


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          Interesting fix, but wondering why the set screw is not lined up with the flat on the shaft?


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            It's an optical illusion because the shaft is corkscrewed.
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