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Off Topic.... LED T8 4' bulbs

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  • Off Topic.... LED T8 4' bulbs

    I had to pass this along. I know that good shop lighting is important to some of you. For me, the more light the better.

    I've been using some LED 4' T8 replacement bulbs for florescent fixtures.

    I've had 4 of these for almost 4 years now, and they seem to be just as bright as when they were new. I count about 35 LED's, I think (not sure) they might be (least they look like) the "CREE" Led's that are so popular these days. Evan probably knows if they are or not. And Bright - about 1600 lumens.

    I tried a few other brands before with poor luck. Mostly they would start loosing LED's or just quit entirely within the first few weeks.

    I don't own stock in "EverLED", but, they seem to make a quality USA made product, at least compared to the Chinese stuff out there.

    The prices have come down considerably. From about [email protected] to $60.
    Their web page lists them for $79, but, the Cart lists them for $59.

    That's still a little spendy, but, considering I seem to be buying a Carton of bulbs every few months, climbing ladders, and carting off the dead ones to Metro. It's worth it to me. The bulbs are 20 Watts. That's 50% lower then the 40W florescents I've been using.

    I like the 5000K "Cool White" lamps. Some people don't like the Blueish color, but, they do offer warmer (4000K) color lamps. And flicker free too!

    I also like that I can just replace the existing lamps without rewiring the fixture or changing out the ballast. The Ballast actually replaces some regulation normally used in these type bulbs, so the couple extra watts for the Ballast is made up for in the Bulbs.

    Tom M.

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    Well I'm not sure where you are buying these, but the EverLED site lists at 129.00 each and the cart shows price at 99.00.

    And I wonder what happens when the ballast goes, as they do on occasion (at least with regular florescent lights).

    But I admit the 'handy to replace florescent with LED' factor is nice.


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      Do they start in cold temps?
      Opportunity knocks once, temptation leans on the doorbell.....