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Need Encoder for Mach3 Threading

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  • Need Encoder for Mach3 Threading

    I'm looking for an encoder that will connect to the Bob Cambell breakout board
    and work with Mach3 for cutting threads.

    Can someone recomend a source and a part number?

    The Breakout board uses connector J23 for the encoder.
    PIN 1 Isolated GND
    PIN 2 Isolated GND
    PIN 3 Isolated to PIN 12 Parllel port (IN1)
    PIN 4 Isolated to PIN 13 Parllel port (IN2)
    PIN 5 Isolated to PIN 15 Parllel port (switch)
    PIN 6 Isolated to +5V

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    Mach does not use an encoder. It just needs something to give one pulse per rev. I have used many different methods to do this. My mill has a fiber optic retroreflective sensor and the little SMI lathe I retrofitted used a generic retro sensor. My little hercus uses an encoder but just the index pulse. The pulse is stretched with a 555 timer in a one-shot configuration.


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      Here's what I used Jim, works very well with Mach:

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        Originally posted by DICKEYBIRD
        Here's what I used Jim, works very well with Mach:
        Mr "Hood" on the Mach3 forum recomended a Optek OPB917B sensor which is exactly what you are using Milton. I just finished ordering 2 of those sensors from Allied Electronics. There were a little over $5 each + shipping/handling.

        Mr Hood at the Mach3 forum explained how to connect it to my Bob Cambell breakout board. Here is the link, probably worth the read. By the way,
        Mr Hood was very helpful when I did my Bridgeport retrofit back in 2006.

        So much to learn, so little time


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          IIRC the Optek encoder just uses the marker pulse, the count-quadrature pulses are not used, this is the same as using a slotted optical disk?.


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            Yes, just one slot. Mach used to have an option for more slots but it was never written correctly and is deactivated in software but still has a spot for it in the configuration.