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M18x24 dowel pin?

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  • M18x24 dowel pin?

    I'm designing a piece which fits on my Nardini 1440E lathe's cross-slide in place of the compound. My compound has a male pin it rotates about, 18mm diameter. I figured no problem in the part I'm designing I'll just press in an 18mm dowel pin.

    Woops. I can't find one!

    If the whole world lives in metric how do they get along without a proper selection of metric dowel pins? Or am I missing something? I did check Holokrome's Web site.


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    Next you'll want an 18mm reamer for the unobtainium dowel pin.

    Bronze bush the Nardini to 5/8 and use a 5/8 dowel pin. Oh.. you want to use the compound again? Shrink fit the bush on the 5/8 dowel pin.
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      I don't think that 18 mm is a preferred size for dowels, so you may be out of luck.

      Why not go for precision ground bar instead? It looks like there are suppliers in USA who can supply metric sizes.


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        2nd the ground rod.


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          Will annealed work very well for the application?


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            Non-preferred size for a pin. Mold components have 18 mm this and that, like on Meusburgers online catalogue, but pays too much.

            Cheapest and easiest option is to machine a length of metal to the dimensions you need. Easier is to just buy cold drawn 18 mm bar stock and cut a length off of it, costs next to nothing. As such it is a very good for your application.
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