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Experiences With Grizzly Bandsaws

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  • Experiences With Grizzly Bandsaws

    I recently posted in Third Hand regarding an Ellis bandsaw. It appears, according to SWMBO, that my budget situation has changed, significantly.

    Has anyone had any experience with the Grizzly bandsaws, specifically the G4030? I am just a home shopper/hobby type, but when I get a saw I want some degree of reliability and long range durability.

    Any input is greatly appreciated!

    John B.
    John B

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    I don't have that model. I bought the Grizzly 4x6 and have been delighted with it from the start.

    I have visited the Grizzly showroom in Springfield, MO and was very impressed with all the equipment I saw. I have also visited a Harbor Freight showroom and there is no comparison. As far as I'm concerned, Grizzly has them beat hands down.

    Paul A.
    Paul A.
    SE Texas

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      Dunno about the model in question,but the framing machine shop I worked in has a 9x12"Grizzly that was a darn good saw,it cut in production day after day for years with no problems,you could set it up and cut after cut would be within .005" of square over 6" width of cut.

      Is the model in question the mitering one they have on a stand?If so I have been looking at that one too,let me know what you think if you get it.
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        I have owned two of the larger saws. Both gave very good service after they were set up and adjusted. Neither of the saws are still sold by Grizzly today. The one I have now they only sold for a short period of time. It uses an odd size blade length. They don't have any parts for the saw but say that some of the other saw parts "might fit". That is the only complaint that I have with the Grizzly saws. They will cut true and with repeatability.